Food from Singapore, Singapore!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's going to be a little flooded with Singapore now since you know already. I'm posting photos of the food I enjoyed while in the Merlion state so you get to know how it is and what it tastes like when you get there too. Ready?!

The Oyster Omelet which is as it says it is. This is an omelet hugging several oysters accentuated by the taste of cilantro that breaks the fishy pungent drama it has. This one tasted good and they cook it to a point where the oyster is still a little raw. They let it cook from the heat of the folded egg. It's quite good but I'm going to tell you a general observation on the food there ok?!

This is the famous Hokkien Mee. Well I think you know by now that Mee probably had the notion of it being the root of our local Mami. This basically tastes like pansit bihon guisado + canton with the exception of the HOT lethal sambal chili that it comes with. I didn't like it because of the shrimp.. why? Because I'm allergic to seafood LOL
Singapore Fried rice. It tasted like Yangchow fried rice with the pickled chili to get it hot. I like chili a lot so I enjoyed pairing this with the other things we ate. I just hesitated a bit because it also had shrimp on it.

Laksa - I really was looking forward to eat this particular bowl because it looks so HOT right? Well it is hot but I didn't like one major part of it. I felt it was like BINABOY na SPAGHETTI with sauce that came from coconut milk. Yes they did also use Spaghetti for the noodles and I didn't like it. It was just OK and I felt a little disappointed. Anyway, now for my favorite!

It's the famous Chicken Rice! This one is the Roasted Version! Ohhh my mouth still waters just by looking at it. It was nice and a little lemony fresh when you eat the rice. It was the perfect pair! I am so loving it! I'm going to look for a local version of this and see if it does justice with what I ate there!

By the way, if you are wondering what general thing I'm going to say about the food there, its just that it is too bland. They need to put salt on most of them so it'll catch up on our taste. I guess they prefer spicy instead of getting bolder flavors on food. I still love it though and a little salt wouldn't be that bad to do while eating.

There's more of this in the future posts but I'm showing you these just to get you started! =)



Bino said...

masarap sana kaso yung iba may shrimps. Allergic pa naman ako dun. Pero yung Fried rice masarap nga yun. nagmapa lang ako ng konti sa katawan hehehe

John Bueno said...

Exactly bino! hehehe pareho tayo LOL buti may gamot akong dala haha

Jepoy said...

sarap ng chicken rice noh?! hihihi

John Bueno said...

@Jepoy Yup! Actually that's the only thing I liked. Much better if its a little salty. it was bland the first time I tasted it but overall it was the best!

ZaiZai said...

tawa pa din ako ng tawa sa 'binaboy na spaghetti' comment sa laksa hahaha :) ung sa paotsin na laksa, local lang pero winner :)