Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want a new car. I've been using the van for quite some time now and it does the job. I need something handy though. I lack the parking space at home and I couldn't just gamble and park outside. I was thinking of getting a used honda because I have heard good reviews. The color though is not negotiable because I want it black. I might need financing fixed so I could get it on the first quarter and use it for work. I know this is going to be another purchase but these days it has become a necessity. I have asked my Dad to get another section of the garage constructed for parking space since the van is already occupying the front of our house. It will coincide with the construction of our street and pavement. I'm sure it will be a little troublesome for most of our neighbors but since the city government wanted to make every sidewalk into bricks we can't do anything about it.

It will be a good thing to buy and I'm sure it is going to be beneficial on those short trips. I don't want to carry around the van because it is too big. I couldn't even go on U turn slots without crossing the other lane just to have lee way. The diesel engine is one of the perks though and that saved me a lot for quite a number of years. I'm not complaining don't get me wrong but if I get this car it'll be easier for me to get around the metro. I need to carry some of my photography equipments too and this one is surely going to be beneficial to me and my family. If you want a second car would you choose the same?


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Bino said...

same problem regarding parkings. i'm using isuzu crosswind for 4 years now and ang laki ng inookupa nyang space sa harap ng bahay namin. dangan nga lang at mas maraming naisasakay kaysa sa ordinaryong auto.