Be Safe!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes there are things that you never want to happen. This evening while I was lounging around my home I stood up and suddenly slipped into a complete split. I got my skin cut by a nail sticking out the hardwood floor and there was blood everywhere. I was so afraid it was going to be something serious that I needed Michael Pines to sue the contractors but I was relieved when the bleeding stopped. I had to check in the hospital just to make sure I didn't get any infection and they got the whole thing bandaged; sent me home after a couple of minutes. I was so glad it didn't turn out that bad.

My Grandpa fell in a mall escalator and got 3 of his ribs broken but that time it was serious. He had to be brought to the hospital and operated on. He stayed there for weeks and needed a lot of things to recuperate because of his weak constitution. I was glad he was sent home after a month and a half. Clearly something had to be done so he got his lawyers to sue the mall because it was clearly their fault. He got compensated for the suffering brought about by this experience. I hope it doesn't happen to anyone. I'm glad he's trying to live a normal life even with the stitches and scars of the incident. I hope we all try to learn how to live safely. Accidents like these could happen to anyone, anytime. Be safe!

This happened to me so it can happen to you too! I'm not joking! So try your best to be safe guys!



Bino said...

Buti naman ayos ka tsong.

Kaya sabi ni Ramon Bautista, "masyado nang delikado ang panahon ngayon kaya ang ibig sabihin na ng "paalam" ay "ingat"

mots said...

buti na lang at oki na.

bukas daw maglolockjaw ka na dahil may tetano pala ang pako. JK.

Pen Ginez said...

saklap naman..

daphne said...

My God!it freaks me out. . ingat next time! if ako ang nag help sayo una pa ako nag collapsed because I have a phobia sa blood. Hope you're okay. BTW dropping by for the first time:)

YOW said...

Naks naman. Caring. Tama. Dapat magingat. Walang exemption sa mga accidents. Get well soon. Malayo sa bituka yan. :)

Yffar'sWorld said...

good to hear you're ok.

my sister got into a vehicular accident last year. She broke her left humerus (the bone that connects the shoulder and elbow), and now she has metal plates screwed on her bone. she's ok now. XD

Buti ok din lolo mo. kelangan talaga mag-ingat palagi.

glentot said...

Shyet scary ayoko pa man din nasusugat kasi masakit... Napa-split ka? O mali lang intindi ko hehe

John Bueno said...

@bino actually dipa ako masyado makalakad =(

@mots wahhh wag mo ako takutin =(

@renz honga =( sakit talaga

@daphne thanks ha, salamat sa pagaalala, I think I'm gonna be okay. Welcome sa site ko! Punta din ako sayo later =)

@Yow oo nga malayo pero masakit pa din =(

@Raffy thanks man! =)

@Glentot honga eh yun nga nangyari, diko akalaing makakapagsplit pako at this day and age... ansakit tuloy LOL

Steph Degamo said...

sad ako para sa grandpa mo. nahulog rin kasi ang lolo ko sa hagdan ng bahay nila and nabali yung left arm niya. ang mahirap lang dun, diabetic siya kaya di pwedeng operahan. take care of your grandpa kuya!

BeyondMarGien's said...

pagaling ka agad. :)

BeyondMarGien's said...

pagaling ka agad. :)