Daily Moo's 11242010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm being hounded by the tooth fairy. I tried to ignore it but I think I'll have my doctor do this on Sunday. I hope it all goes away.

I'm watching Hellcats. Some show over ETC. It's nice and a little interesting. I want to see some more episodes just like Walking Dead. Have you guys watched that show? Awesome huh?!

I love LOVE. Don't get me wrong, but I ain't interested in those that I don't like in the first place so don't force me okay?

I am trying to eat a little healthy before I pig out on Christmas. Yeah I have to maintain weight and waistlines just like everyone else. I look perfect but I ain't. It's so close though that it frightens me hahahaha!

I want to go to work now. I am early though but I need to finish a couple of documents for next week. It's going to be busy after Thanksgiving. Oh where's your Turkey?

I'm craving for chocolate covered bacon. I remember that clearly from the food event I went to last year. I need to go to BGC and their new market to get some. I heard it from the grapevine. I'm surely going there this weekend. Anyone wanna hang out?

I'm so lame I wanna hit people on the street. Blast them all to bits. Traffic in Manila is ridiculous!


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Bino said...

working on thanksgiving? that's too bad! anyway, good luck on maintaining weight. i can't do it eh. hehehe