Philippine Fashion Week 2010: AXE presents Men's Wear Collection

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bang Pineda, Ulysees King and Simon Ariel Vasquez compose some of this year's designers for AXE Men's Wear Collection. I was so glad to belong to the A list this time and get a front row seat at the Mall of Asia Atrium. Taking photos was pretty hard because of the low light conditions but spare me the comments about the shots and I'll try to choose the best pieces I think that best represents what a man should wear. They should only wear AXE!

I'll be describing the key pieces on this collection so if you have time to buy them from the designers you'll know what to get!

Key pieces on these 2 are the tight shorts paired with the long or short sleeve shirts. I didn't know this was going to work but apparently it did. You just need to carry it in a very masculine way. I don't know if the man bag worked though, if they removed that then it would be perfect.

Key Pieces: The guy's clutch. It's really handy to have that on a casual day. The other one of course is the BLUE Coat. I love the color and it was very bold for them to use this color.

Key items: The black suit and rag tied pants. It's so nice to see Hideo Muraoka doing ramp on this occasion and he's apparently a male supermodel. The suit fits him very well and you need a well built body to do so. The second one had these awesome pants that would be great on casual walks. I didn't like the shirt though because it revealed too much. Maybe a layered number would have been better. I like the look though because it still is quite clean.

Key items: The dangling man accessories. It was really nice to see a little tribal hint on these two numbers. I want to see men wear these instead of cheapo chains we usually see in the streets. It'll be better looking than the usual tabs gathered for recycling. Very natural.

Key Pieces: Classic Khaki pants. Weather you wear it folded up the ankle or just straight down you won't be sorry you wore these pants for casual days. It's perfect for that stroll in the park with your girlfriend. The geeky guy carried it nicely. It fits the role!

Key elements: Beige coat, Red/Orange shirts and Jacket. For a more natural looking ensemble you would still have to stay with the natural colors. The reds are for those guys who seek attention and who would like to be the life of the party. It is really an attention grabber. I like the red orange jacket most.

Key pieces: Long sleeved checkered shirt and the overbearing coat. I love how the checkered prints are still used in this easy go lucky number. The coat paired with a simple crisp white shirt would work for a quick out on town stroll or bike ride with your friends. Very reminiscent of the BAYO line.

Key pieces: Japanese inspired textile belts and the solid colored coats. It's not normal for guys to wear but it did work and if this were a wedding or something formal the belt would still work. The black or gray coats are still a staple in every man's closet. It's not boxed up looking and the casual flipflops or baggy cloth pants make it very casual looking in spite of it being used on formal gigs too.

I'll show you a couple more shots soon so stay tuned for that! There will be a part II or maybe III on this series. They all wear something common though that smells nice and appealing. Girls like it so why not get one soon. See you later!



ZaiZai said...

wow I love the pics and how you detailed what the models were wearing :) galing :)

Bino said...

talagang trinabaho ang bawat detalye sa post na to ah. Worth reading :)

pusangkalye said...

ito yung namiss ko at mukhang magaganda ang collectuiion nila no? less the heads pa kasi nasa front

John Bueno said...

Thanks guys... it was what I was thinking while shooting kaya nilagay ko na rin effective pala hehe