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Monday, November 08, 2010

It was another tiring day today and as I said in my previous posts I'll get some of my shots published here. Since there are some required shots for a photographer while in Singapore I'll show you some of them now. These are all long exposures which lasts around 20 seconds for a single shot. I hope you like them!

Now remember these are not high resolution copies so it is a little degraded (because I uploaded them on standard rate in FB). I post processed it just now so please spare me the humiliation if you are a photographer too LOL. Anyway here's Orchard Road at around 12:30 AM. Yeap I was there at this time because I didn't want to stay around the hotel that much!

This is Marina Bay Sands. See that platform on top of it? It's actually a park where you can roam around the 57th floor of these three buildings. It's one of the most greatest architectural wonders in Singapore so you kinda get why a lot of people take shots of this one. Pretty awesome huh?! My niece Marie works there at the reception so if you ever are around, I don't care LOL!

This is the Fullerton Hotel (as it also says on the top of the building). This is where the famous Merlion of Singapore is found. There is another one in Sentosa but this is pretty much the most photographed since it stands by the river. This is just opposite the Durian looking theater so if ever you are in one side you can take shots of the other one on the other side. Get it?!
This is the famous Esplanade. This is the durian looking theater on the other side of the bay. This is also quite near the Singapore flyer which I'll show you in a bit. They are quite close probably because this is one of the tourist spots in Singapore. From what I've learned, Lea Salonga already performed here among many artists that are from the Philippines. Singapore hasn't got that much artistic people so they always get them from other countries like ours. They have art schools but no one seems to be interested in most of them. They all want to go to Universities in Australia because it is quite expensive to study here.

This is the Esplanade + The Singapore Flyer. The middle part of that is where you can eat a lot of Singapore's best cuisine. I was on a diet that's why I ended up eating 15 chicken wings just for starters. Did I tell you I was addicted to Water Chestnut? I literally am not drinking water anymore because of it. I always buy them outside our hotel when I go out. I also take them in when going back. I wish there was some way I could put up a business entirely made of drinks like what they have. As for the food, I'll show you some more later!

Behave so I'd show some more photos okay?! =)


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