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Friday, November 12, 2010

I remember when I was in college I had so many things to do in so little time. Computer programming takes most of it because those are my major subjects. I had some of my electronic projects on hold together with my electives and other things for research and development. I knew I had a few things left to do but what I forgot was the argumentative essay I promised my professors the other day. It's been long overdue but I couldn't get to squeeze it in on my busy schedule because it was the same month I did the concept for my thesis. I was beginning to doubt myself if I could finish everything in time. Scared and frantic for the deadline I slaved away for almost a week and didn't get to sleep enough. Imagine I merely had around 15 hours of sleep in 7 days then I had to report before the weekend. I haven't watched that much movies too but I felt I knew the story behind dead man walking.

I had a notion I knew it was going to be late but I still had hope that I would get to finish it. The date of the deadline came and I didn't get to type or write anything. My professor immediately confronted me about my essay and asked why I didn't submit one. I told her the truth that the other things kept me busy and I couldn't find time to finish everything. I was lucky she was very understanding and got me a break. Not everybody had the guts to do that; especially when all the other professors are so strict. English Literature is my favorite but I just didn't have time. I didn't even know what particular essay format I should use but I tried my best to at least do something from her lessons.

It shouldn't be this hard. For anyone who has been as busy as I was in college you can really relate to this problem. These tasks are supposed to be easy but you can't do it because of time constraints. Sometimes things are just impossible to finish but you still have to do it. I wish there was some place like CUSTOMESSAYBLOG.COM those days so it would have been easy. I surely could have unloaded a huge burden if I got them to do it for me. The custom essay writing that they do is phenomenal since UK and US scribblers get it done. You guys are just so lucky you got to learn about this on my site! If I were you I'd be rushing to get relief from all the stress and trouble. We all need that!

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