A Homey Partnership of Nutriasia, Avida and Amaia

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What makes a house a home? I've asked myself that question a couple of times already and might have the answer for it but let me tell you how three big corporations decided to forge a partnership so their communities would get to that state. You see Nutriasia, Amaia and Avida knew how important it is to live in a community harmoniously and what better way to do that but by doing a Grand Neighbor Day last October 28, 2017 at their different communities across the country. Nutriasia held their Datu Puti #PerfectAdobo challenge in these events not to pit these lovely people and outdo each other but to promote camaraderie and the sense of family in each meal.

I'm sure each of them must have had their perfect version of Adobo and for sure they've been able to use these products quite regularly. Nutriasia is also celebrating their 25th year and making these houses become homes is but a shared vision between them, Avida and Amaia. 

Ms. Dang de Leon the Corporate Marketing Consultant for NutriAsia says "The partnership between the Philippines premier condiment producer and the leading property developer you might say may be unlikely. But NutriAsia, Avida, and Amaia both aspire to make Filipino families happy and content through its quality products. Aside from that, NutriAsia has been helping to provide authentic Filipino meals at the dining table. This gives immeasurable happiness to the Filipino families we serve including the ones in the community of Avida and Amaia. Let us all celebrate the love for family." 

Ms. Tess Tatco the Head of Corporate Marketing for Avida Land agrees and says "The partnership with NutriAsia encourage our shared interests. We know NutriAsia can help us build better communities.”

Select new home owners fromAmaia and Avida Land will also be receiving Home Cooking Starter Kits. This is part of their partnership with Nutriasia who manufactures iconic Filipino food brands such as Datu Puti, Silver Swan, UFC, Papa, Jufran, Mafran, Golden Fiesta and Mang Tomas. 

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