Monday, December 20, 2021

It looks like businesses are back in action as a couple of days ago, we witnessed the opening of LANDERS SUPERSTORE at Uptown Palazzo in BGC. It sits in front of the restaurant lane opposite the Adidas Uptown Mall entrance. This is a much needed refuge for residents inside the former base and nearby communities. As you know, LANDERS has carry tons of food products, appliances, clothing and so much more. This is also their 6th one in the country and if you ask me, they win in variety especially with imported products. Here's how my trip there went, oh and please subscribe!

 What I like about this new branch is that it isn't as warehousy as most membership shops do. They aesthetics are clearly made that way so you look at every corner and feel like you'll love taking photos for Instagram on it. They've got good deals so make sure to check out the signs especially the meat section, the grocery too. Now I've had questions thrown over at YouTube and asked about not going here because it's unhealthy, that's misconstrued and old ideas. First, I've seen a LOT of organic food being sold there including veggies and other healthy options. Food prepared in packages are also prepared on site with an actual cold kitchen in the center, that can be seen from the fresh produce area. You should take a look.


Nico Locco of Love at the End of the World (showing soon on Gagaoolalah app)

Sweethearts Maverick Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara. I have interviewed them previously online and just met them in real life today! <3

There's also Dough and Co. inside the store where you can get excellent breads, cookies and pastries that usually cost a lot in coffee shops but you can get it there at a fraction of its original cost. You can get coffee at Doppio, their in house coffee shop. Aside from that, you can get a free haircut at their barbershop soon, as it was still being finished when I was there during the launch. They took time putting in items in the store, you'll love each isle and find something that would be best for your family, your friends, I wouldn't be surprised if you get them stuff for Christmas.

Now take the trip in Taguig today or maybe the weekend, there's lots to see at the new LANDERS SUPERSTORE in Uptown BGC!


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