It's JUDGEMENT DAY! The US Elections 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama votes early (an hour and a half ago while I was making this post) and we all hope he gets the worm Lol
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Today is the US elections where everyone is watching who will win the seat for the most big boned influential country in the world. I am still rooting for Obama, but McCain was pushing for an upset when I watched his political campaigns yesterday in CNN. Yeah I know I was busy trying to get some sleep because I had about 5 hours only that day. I still managed to get on the tube and listen to their last strategies on states that are undecided. McCain went for those states but Obama on the other hand went onto those that are known republican territories. A new strategy huh?!

Not only that, Obama was tired I think and called that place a different one... I guess fatigue and traveling different counties in the last 48 hours have caught up to him. I hope after he votes today he just sits back at home and relax, then just wait for the results which would probably be counted in a few hours.

By the way, there are some that say Obama should have gone to the funeral of Jennifer Hudson's family. Yeah she's from the same City that Obama resides, tough they probably have understood the campaign is at its end and I mean why should he go there if Oprah and the rest of Hollywood already are there. Early data already indicates Obama winning but there are some undecided states they still have to battle for. You need 270 to win the election and I suppose every poll say Obama has the upper hand. Here's a non official forecast:

I'm sure if he had the chance he would have come. Goodluck in Florida! ^_^
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