Hillary Clinton is the next Secretary of State! ^_^

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How bout a round of applause! Standing Ovation! Oohwoohhooooh yeah! It ain't Rihanna but it's Hillary for the Secretary of State on Monday!

State Secretary Condoleeza Rice is not the only female that is going to be running the White house. Sources from the transition team of Barack Obama is not only going to be supported in the campaign by Hillary Clinton, she is also going to be the next Secretary of state!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, they are getting Hillary to perform this daunting task as state secretary. She will be the one tasked to go to other countries to represent the US. This is the highest she can go and I really know she can do international affairs. Who are we to undermine her performance as first lady right?

Now, it would be just funny that Bill would have more time alone...hahaha!


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