Dita Von Teese Sues for Illegal Image

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I like her I reaaaally like her so much! ^_^

The first time I heard about Dita Von Teese was when the first Belo Ball was held in Manila. I was really wondering who she is and what she may have done to draw a crowd with all Manila's limelight included in it. Hmm... then I saw her pictures on the net and just went crazy over her. Okay, I admit I do have a little crush on her. I never saw "beauty" fashioned this way.

Got me googling for a couple of hours and found a video that probably skyrocketed her career because of a UK/Europe based burlesque performance. I was at an awe! I never knew that she is everything I hoped for a lady... watch this clip so you know what I mean...

I just read articles off the Internet and saw that she is suing a company for illegally showing her photos without her permission and probably put it also on a book. I know how hard she probably have worked to get this fame but for this company to even not pay for it? I think they should... they owe her BIGTIME right? I mean what if that happened to you, wouldn't you feel offended? I just hope someone acts on this. (-_-)"


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Marilou / Lucky Cow Shop said...

wow she's so sexy.

I like her I reaaaally like her so much! ^_^

ako ren!!! I like her, I want my body to like her's :p