Brooke Burke wins Dancing with the Stars!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ole! Brooke Burke wins this year's Danicng with the Stars! ^_^

It's over folks! And the lone winner of the grueling series of "Dancing with the Stars" is the one and only Brooke Burke!

Not only is she fabulous in bikinis and hosting E! Entertainment segments but she's all that too in the dance floor. Brooke by the way is already a mother of four in that body. She dominated the seventh season of the popular ABC dancing competition and bested former professional NFL player Warren Sapp and former 'NSync member Lance Bass during the Tuesday night finale, in which she did an emotional Viennese waltz routine that earned her a perfect score from the show's panel of judges.

I personally would have wanted my favorite Kim Kardashian to win but of course everybody knows what happened with her foot that got injured in the early stages of the competition. It really affected her performance and everyone noticed it. Anyway, I'm also happy this girl also won it. ^_^


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Anonymous said...

gratz to her :)