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Thursday, December 01, 2016

My dream home isn't really ordinary. I wanted a building, a huge one. I want certain floors dedicated to family members so even if we're in one place, they could still call a floor of their own. I also want two garage doors, a pool, overlooking a city scape or mountain range whichever comes first. It'll be a little lot, like 700 square meters. I could actually design this since I do have an engineering background. It's a lot I know, but I've been working on it since college and took me years to perfect. I lack something though, that is design aesthetic. I'm not much into furniture, storage, lighting or art. I'd probably be looking at magazines and have that replicated as best as I can. But if you know me, I won't really be okay with something that doesn't represent me in my space. That's when I learned of Moodboard Manila.

MoodBoard Manila is a space planning and design consultancy firm. They know how to style your space (no brainer), do interior design and even style for events. From concepts, out of the box ideas, you need not to think about the magnitude of how your place will look like because they've got that covered. Their call is, there are no rules, just style. So think about those classic, modern, futuristic and avant garde designs, they do that and more. Or if you've got something in your mind right now, they can make that into reality and even top it. That's the goal, to make your dream space a reality and I even got a glimpse of that.

The quirky lighting, that's just one of them. Now imagine your place changed up into higher ceilings, more functional nooks, ample amount of seating, even storage and a huge place to entertain. What about a working kitchen with lots of counter space using the best appliances and aesthetics, oh I could just imagine now. As the founder Jovy Rabelas puts it, "People don't talk about this because they thing it's expensive, complex and very grueling. MoodBoard Manila wants to change that and design spaces much simpler and more accessible. It will happen with NO RULES but definitely will reflect the owner's personality and that will definitely make it more interesting. Everything will have a role, but make it more cohesive and functional because it will be properly put together by our expertly trained consultants. You'll see these at or on their social media channels @MoodBoardManila on IG, Twitter and Facebook.

If you don't know how to make your dream home a reality til now, maybe a call to +639177726273 could help. Let the experts do it for you.


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