Young JV: Doin' It Big!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We sat down this afternoon with good looking pop rap star YoungJV and got a little personal as it was free for all when he accommodated questions over coffee at Baang Coffee in Tomas Morato. Born Eduardo JV Arancillo Kapunan III, his ilonggo roots was quite evident in the way he talks (malambing), we also felt he was softspoken but quite confident. He exudes a sensible urban young guy with rap and hiphop influences but none of those bad traits at all.

He's a good guy, but a damn good looking one. Aside from his music, he's also venturing into acting. You can sometimes say that it's already a norm in the entertainment industry. He's admittedly learning the ropes and also continually studying in the hopes to be better in this craft too.

His new album is released by Star Records, he's happy he gets to work now with one company. He made a remarkable improvement in his career and he attributes that to the first people who helped him specifically ASAP; this was when he guested for the show. He's happy with his career and his music now because he got to plan a more pop RnB approach this time which was both his decision and star records. Now he's got fans of all ages wherein before it was almost more underground. He says he feels "the need to be artistically free but in hindisight, if it doesn't put food on the table then you won't go further with your career". He wants a balance between the two and he's now also concentrating on singing wherein before it was much more of just rap.
Pop, house, acoustic, he sees music so free now that you can't contain it into one genre. His influences are life experiences, a heartbreak (which he's gone through a lot he says), relationship would actually delce him to write. He did all of the lyrics in this new album and he's proud about that.
Doin' It Big has got 11 tracks. I suggest you go and watch the video he had with Myrtle which has been getting a lot of views on Youtube.
Your Name (featuring Myrtle Sarrosa)
Intro - Doin' It Big
Get Up & Dance
Rock This Town (featuring Laze & Yumi)
Kailan Kaya
Boy Meets Girl (featuring Yeng Constantino)
Alay (featuring Akiko)
Got To Have You
Hurts So Bad (featuring Karylle)
 He's under Cornerstone now and he's excited to plan out the next few years with them. He decided to be with this talent agency when they got the chance to bond on their US tour. 

You can touch everything but not his hair, he's Young JV and he's still got a lot to prove. He's doing a damn fine job already and I can't wait for the projects that he'll probably do with his new album, his management and the new recording company he's working with. He deserves all the good things that he's getting now and with the fine young man he's become, I won't be surprised he'll be a superstar on his own right pretty soon.

Congratulations Young JV! I'm rooting for you!

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