The Bride and The Lover

Monday, March 18, 2013

It was a nice afternoon and we got the chance to visit the last shooting day of The Bride and The Lover. The film stars recent award winners Paulo Avelino and Lovi Poe together with gorgeous Jennelyn Mercado. They have a stellar cast that includes Hayden Kho, Joem Bascon and Councilor Alex Castro whom I just found out is running for a Vice Mayoralty post in Marilao, Bulacan.

As serious as it sounds, The Bride and The Lover is actually a RomCom. It's not another kabit flick if you don't mind. It's going to be a little naughty on some parts, a little serious and dramatic on others. The cast was excited on how this movie will turn out. I've got to talk to some of them during this shoot. Actually, I got to know them better.

This is my first time to actually see Hayden Kho. He's about 6'3, taller than me obviously, meek but had quite a presence. Honestly I didn't know how to approach him like other interviewees I've had in the past. He's currently managed by new people hence getting these new projects. I know it would be a waste not to see him in the big screen or TV because let's face it... we don't get to see that much really good looking people nowadays. 

He's a good lad, quite pleasant to talk to. He's smart and his business perspectives say a lot about who he is. He's hardworking and passionate but never forgets his people. He takes care of them much like any good boss would do. He's doing well with his perfumery business and these few stints he's been doing on film. I feel he's getting a sense of fulfillment when he got to finish this one. He plays the role of a body guard but laments he's excited about the other projects lined up for him. Watch out on Cinemalaya because you'll see a different kind of Hayden Kho too. He's glad he got to work with a legendary Director Joel Lamangan on The Bride and The Lover. Working with him was probably easy here because it was so light and they didn't feel so pressured to pour out emotions too much since this is a romcom. He clearly deserves to be  in more projects like this soon. But he's going to spread more of his acting power come late this year, I'm not spilling beans. You'll find out later what I'm talking about... but it's really big! In the meantime you guys should watch The Bride and The Lover if you want to see more of him on screen. Hayden Kho is back, and he's going to be good!

Lovi Poe that afternoon was her own effortless beautiful self. I heard some small conversations whilst they were being interviewed by the press. She's done quite remarkable job on movies and on TV that apparently she doesn't really need to be paired in order to have a successful show. Of course, that has been proven so many times since she hasn't been paired up with one lone actor in the past few years. She was able to do stints with the likes of great actors Cogie Domingo, Prince Stefan, Jolo Revilla, Jake Cuenca, Dennis Trillo or Rocco Nacino among others. Her career has flourished and did not suffer even after the shows. She exudes the maturity and handles each project with fervor like everything's like the first time. She's excited to try out new things and discover those that can make her a better artist on television or movies. The roster of talent she's been able to work with is insurmountable.

Lovi's role on this movie would be "the Lover" but assures that this is not just one of those run of the mill infidelity films. A different approach, a different execution and unexpected twists in the plot would get you on your toes while watching the movie. Best of all, since the Director is on this level... you could only expect the best with Joel Lamangan.

Paulo Avelino was all smiles when he saw me. I might have been mistaken for a clown haha. Kidding aside, I was ecstatic to get to talk to him. When asked about this project in particular, he said it holds a lot of promise. It's not your ordinary romantic comedy flick and you can tell that just by the execution of some of the scenes. Since he's playing the guy in this movie, he gets to do the controversial love scene with Lovi Poe. They mentioned that it will be more daring than My Neighbor's Wife. They always knew what they were up to and whatever the director says, they will do it no matter what. He trusts Direk Joel that much. He was able to work with him in the past (Desperadas 2 in 2008 and another one I couldn't remember sorry!) but he says it was lighter and easier on some parts of the film for them this time. Watch how he becomes an object of desire of two best friends; who later end up in bed with this sexy guy in the film. It'll be cheating, switching and more so you better take the chance to watch it once it comes out on theaters soon.

This guy has been working hard. From all the teleseryes and movies he's done this year and last year you can tell how busy he is. I saw his tweets a couple of days ago that he's on vacation and work in New Zealand. I think he's having the time of his life there... he gets to know the city, the country and have a break from all these things in showbiz! Plus he gets to spend some time with some friends and the Filipino community based there. That's a pretty spectacular achievement in anyone's books and he rightfully deserves a break after the huge success of his shows on TV and film.

Hotties Joem Bascon and politician Alex Castro was also there but it was a little sad I didn't get to talk to them that much. Good thing we were able to run up to them as we were about to go out hence these snapshots. Jennelyn Mercado was also something to look forward to. We saw her in a gown but didn't get to hear how she will be playing her role. She was darn pretty! They'll also be in the The Bride & The Lover together with Tim Yap, Aaron Villaflor, Kat Alano, Carla Dunareanu, Cai Cortez, Carlo Gonzales, Carmi Martin, Ariel Ureta, Timmy Cruz, Buboy Garovillo, and Tom Rodriguez. This screenplay and written by Rody Vera and of course Directed by Joel Lamangan. It will be shown on theaters soon; nationwide. So don't miss it!

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