Liam Hemsworth Loves Bench!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're doing Hollywood today... hooray!

He's gorgeous no doubt about that. He's captured the hearts of young kids, ladies, and even Miley Cyrus. This is my first time to meet him. It's his first time to meet me too LOL. Ladies and gentlemen, here's the one and only Liam Hemsworth!

Well not yet, he's Raymond Gutierrez and he's hosting this one as Liam becomes an official Benchsetter. It's his first time to visit the country and there were a lot of fans who wanted to take a glmpse of him. Have you guys seen his billboard in EDSA lately?

His piercing eyes, gorgeous body and impressive stance makes him the perfect endorser for this brand and when we went to Mandarin a few days ago, he looks scruffy but seems quite fresh and amazing!

He felt like a nice guy and had that presence. He was also very photogenic. I like his eyes. I felt it made sense why he had a photoshoot with a lion because they stare quite the same. He's tall too, estimate around 6'0 feet. We don't usually see him with facial hair but he's fully bearded on this bit.

Then they started asking questions:

He's an easy guy to please. His daily regimen is just to clean up, wear a comfy cotton shirt and jeans. He says he even sleeps with it on. He was candid and funny, quite an intelligent chap too.

Liam Hemsworth as a Benchsetter is just a no brainer. He exudes the right amount of machismo and the right amount of spunk to take his moment in the Philippines a notch higher. He's not only worthy to be with Bench, he's worthy to be out of Hunger Games and into the hearts of Filipinos.

He also gave a lot of time for fans after the event. My heart just melted seeing how he took time to see and say hi to everyone, he gave hugs, kisses and autographs to his loyal fans which ranged from 12-60sumthing that afternoon.

Congratulations to Bench for continuously sending over world class endorsers to the Philippines. You have outdone, outwit and outplayed the competition. Thank you so much for letting us cover for this momentous occasion.Thanks also to Sir Ben Chan for being so nice, thank you so much for getting us in on these exclusive events. If I could only cry in this part I would. =')

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