Spiral @ Sofitel Manila: Albert Andrada's Orient Express

Sunday, February 17, 2013

If you haven't been been able to visit Spiral at Sofitel Manila lately, you are missing a lot. Aside from the excellent food and mouthwatering choices on 21 ateliers, they show more things other than just plain dining. A totally whole other worldly experience showed itself a few days ago as they set the bar high for their Chinese New Year celebration. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Albert Andrada's Orient Express.

They started with the models traversing down the side escalator which leads to the main lobby of Spiral. The actual restaurant will be their catwalk. I was seeing whites, golds, silvers, grays, ceramic broken onto the dress and sheer fabric.

Structured construction and embedded with studs, layered and kept in the theme of a Shanghai traveler, he opens with these 4 creations starting with what seems to be a pretty good example of his vision... the Orient Express!

Awesome pieces came out one by one. I love the head pieces too because it follows his theme. It finishes the overall look which in my books looks perfect. These statuesque models walked on different parts of the restaurant to the delight of families and patrons of Spiral. Imagine high fashion now being introduced to a place like this; the tourists were really taking advantage and as we were shooting from the sidelines, they had their point and shoot cameras put into good use too.

On the other side of the color wheel, he introduces blues on this bit. The tails and drapery were all reminiscent of the white ones but it shows a different depth in character. It has a more deep representation of his theme. In hindsight, its a good combination of colors as it complements each other.

His finale speaks of what he's really good at. Still with the same structure and components but presented in a different way, Albert Andrada impresses us with a more Asian evident inspiration on his last piece. Congratulations with a well put up and cohesive collection. I have never celebrated Chinese New Year this good. Congratulations to Spiral and Sofitel Manila too for coming out with something like this. I have never expected to see something like this on a weekend brunch, let alone in a restaurants lobby. I'm sure there will be more surprises in Spiral and Sofitel Manila. You just have to take a break from your usual business and check out what's good at this side of Manila.

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