New Sunday Brunch Buffet at Q Bistro!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's been a while since we went back to Q Bistro. It's that quaint restaurant in front of Podium in Ortigas Center, right around the Malayan Plaza. It's a good place to celebrate with family and friends. It's also perfect for those business meetings because the place is quite posh. Check out my first review here. While we're still impressed with their menu, here they go and added more than the usual brunch!

Infused with all the garlic you love is this sweet, salty Beef Tapa is perfect with spiced vinegar and garlic rice. Don't worry about having a brunch date because you'll cancel out each other hehe. Quite yummy!

Savor the rich, thick tomato sauce and chunks of meat, bell pepper, potatoes and carrots. This hearty Pork Caldereta was something I'd look for if I wanted a heavy meal. I have tasted this and it's perfect on top of smoking hot white rice. 

My favorite on the buffet was this fish fillet. I asked Chef Mia about the sauce but said it was a secret. It's got bell pepper and soy sauce based. The sweet sauce made a difference on its taste. I love this with hot white rice. They also have other things on side that I got. Take a look at these!

Pansit, a staple on every Filipino household was also here. I prefer nothing on my plate when this is eaten. No calamansi or toyo. It was good.

Of course, since this was brunch there were staples from breakfast. Fluffy and not so oily omelet with tomatoes and onions. You can also go for your choice of cereals, chocolate or plain jane.

You can also opt to indulge on watermelon or sweet tangy pineapple or have a couple of slices of banana bread and freshly baked cookies. The choices are endless!

I had a few slices of baguette and got it smothered in butter then toasted. They also have wheat bread for those who want to fill up with fiber.

Freshly made hotcakes and a dollop of butter on top then pour a hefty amount of maple syrup and ohhh... I just made myself hungry again. See what I ate that morning? :)

Don't worry about drinks because you can have all the coffee/tea your heart desires and rounds of pineapple and orange juice. It's the best deal no?

My recommendations:

You can opt for this on the ala carte menu, it's their signature roast beef that is taken apart then pan fried to have this crispy concoction. I didn't even want to eat too much of it because I don't want the taste to end. I love how they carefully prepared this so it won't taste burnt. It's got the right amount of smokiness plus the sunny side up egg on the side. It's the perfect pair imho. Get white vinegar and garlic rice to go with this and you're done!

My favorite on this buffet:

 I know you might find this funny but I'm so hooked on this one. This is their porridge. They let you make your own on the spot. What amazes me is this pairing because it is so damn good with red egg. Yes you heard that right, how can something so simple be this so good no? I just put spring onions, a sprinkle of toasted garlic and red egg on my warm porridge; and it was crazy. I fell in love with it. What's good is that this also comes with the buffet. I had a few bowls of course and it had me going and thinking of it throughout the day! I will come back for more =)

The thing is, this only happens once a week. It's their Sunday Brunch Buffet! Would you believe this only costs 315 Philippine Pesos? Yeah, so make sure you head on down to G6 & G7 The Malayan Plaza, Opal cor. Topaz Road, Ortigas Center, 1600 Pasig. It's at the back of The Malayan Plaza you can't miss it.

You should also try their Roast Beef Buffet slated every Fridays. On Wednesdays they also have a Mongolian buffet. As I said the choices are endless and they plan to also come up with different theme lunches and dinners (Tuesdays and Thursdays) so if you have functions, business meetings or just want to have a good time within city limits, drop by Q Bistro and don't take my word for it. You must experience what posh dining is all about, get your friends and family also on it. Buffet meals in this area has never been this good!

For reservations, contact them through these channels

Phone    7061668

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Q Bistro

Since it's Valentines Season, Q Bistro's offering a 4 course meal for two for only P1,130 per couple. It's the best deal for those who want to make your day more special. It's better than flowers I'm sure :) Call and have that table reserved! =)


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