GAMBINO: An Authentic Italian Restaurant

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A fresh new look, a comfy, cozy place right at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. I have been to a lot of Italian restaurants but none actually is as authentic than this. For starters, the Chef is Italian. He's also got friends who sing. His team of Chefs that work behind the scenes are also classically trained. Best of all, the food and drinks are exquisitely prepared. Here's a look at Gambino.

Intimate and a little upscale, the interiors of this restaurant are kept classy. The ambiance would be compared to something from an Italian mob/mafia movie hence the name of the restaurant. Leather chairs, black and woodsy tables and a studded bar made the place cohesive with the theme. Very rustic. It can probably fit around 24 people upstairs and 36 downstairs as they took advantage of the al fresco space. It gets packed on weekends so please do reserve. Then the chef's came out to say hi.

As you can see, it's another child project of restaurateur Marvin Agustin and his partners. The Chef himself has actually mentioned he has worked with some of the well known established Italian restaurants (but of course we won't mention it here) and Gambino is going to be fully authentic. He says there wouldn't be any adjustments as far as ingredients and taste goes. He can source and import those which he needs from Italy and also make use of any fresh local ingredients that can be at par with what Italian food they want to serve. Believe me, it's all good!

Drinks are superb. From bar mixes, fruit margaritas, wine and its choices, you can definitely say that they took the time to think about what they want to have in the bar. I love wine and they got us a glass or two on the house, the choices are extensive. It was nice to also take a seat in benches upstairs with a bottle of this on hand. For those would want to have a classy date, it's a spot that I highly recommend. You'll have the privacy that you want and the seating is quite nice.

They took pride in their salads. The combination on this one was quite nice. It's their Gambino's Special Salad with Fennel and Arugula. The acidity of the orange slices is perfect with the greens and crunchy pieces on this one. It's peppery. It's a nice start.

This one's for the main dish. It's called Bocatini Amatriciana. The pasta isn't actually reminiscent to spaghetti, its totally a different kind. The feeling is very heavy and airy. It's contrasting and interesting enough to take chances on this dish. The sauce is a little on the acidic-herby side which Italians usually do their pasta. Not much for Pinoy kids who want it sweet, but its authentic.

I love this pizza. They make the dough fresh everyday. It's not store bought or frozen because they do it in 2 batches. The one I like the most is the basil part. But with the toppings on the other parts of this pizza, it's a close fight. Perfect for dinners and it is quite filling. I would order this again when I get back to their place. Price wise, it's not that expensive too.

Dessert lovers don't fret! They've got this awesome mascarpone cheese concoction that has strawberry and vanilla layers. A perfect way to end the meal because its light and not too sweet. But of course we won't just have one dessert, there's one more!

Who wouldn't want extra servings of Tiramisu? I bet you would love to have one or two slices of these right? It's got the right amount of chocolatey goodness and not too alcoholic. This would be a hit with kids if you prefer dining in with family. I'd go for the mascarpone though if I'm out on a date. It's all good though!

Burgos Circle is filled with restaurants and this is one place that you would like to be in come dinner time. The ambiance, the drinks, the food are small reasons why you should take a moment and get a breather with friends and family. It's authentic Italian without breaking the bank. It's authentic Italian on a classy Italian ambiance, what more could you ask for?

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