Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo Endorses Bench/ Skin Expert!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A skip and a hop away from the entrance of fab Glorietta 4 is this awesome place that's got a Bench Fix branch in front called Bench/ Skin Expert. Am I hearing this right? Bench/ doing skin care now? Now that's interesting!

Flaunting their gorgeous bodies on the walls of this humble but quite classy space right beside Ascott Residences are sexy endorsers Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo. I haven't seen them for quite sometime and I was excited because I heard they'll be appearing in a bit.

Bench the global brand probably wants a more complete lifestyle package based on their aesthetics. Now they can really do it with non invasive procedures, fresh facials and therapeutics that's almost au naturelle (without having to go all under the knife unlike other centers). They have several doctors in house that would be able to give you apt advice about skin care, and procedures that you can take. It also depends on your skin condition.  

On facials, they have a couple procedures designed solely for men that got me interested. I'll probably try out the Bench Man Facial soon (which to my surprise is quite affordable). I was a little busy at the time I shot these scenes so I missed trying that out. I'll tell you about it soon.

They have several rooms that would satisfy pairs, or just plain individuals who want to get their skin perked up, rejuvenated using some of the most advanced skin care equipment available internationally. They hope to cater to local and international clientele since the Makati district flourishes with businessmen, tourists that has got to know what Manila is all about!

Then endorsers Enchong Dee and Bea Alonzo came out.=) Enchong was super dapper in his suit and Bea was so gorgeous in her dress, oh she looks quite amazing! Sir Ben mentioned some points why Bench/ Skin Expert actually existed. It will provide something more to the masses without having to spend too much as Bench/ presents itself as a "lifestyle brand that has come full circle" as they now embark not only on clothing (via Bench), haircare (via Bench Fix) and now skin care (via Bench Skin Expert). Now, they will start putting up clinics like these that can give MORE to the Filipino consumer because the deserve only the best from BENCH.

Enchong Dee who actually looks perfect with his abs says he would love to recommend the Maxi Sculpt Technology services of Bench/ Skin Expert because even in his almost perfect physique he also has some problems in the tummy area and the last few inches he had to shed was so hard to eliminate. Now before a show or sexy scene, he can have that defined and contoured body he always wanted because of the services that Bench Skin Expert has. All their endorsers will now be using services from this clinic too (Sir Ben says so) and they will be truly carrying themselves well perfectly now as they lose love handles and other flabby parts without going under the knife. Don't be surprised if one day Enchong Dee or Bea Alonzo herself would appear beside you while you're having a facial because they really use it. Just check out Bea Alonzo's instagram account and you'll see her doing some sessions on the same services that Enchong Dee also is getting. It's one of the reasons why they are so hot and sexy! I'd like to do that soon too. =) Other services include whitening, skin lifts, acne treatments, keloid treatments, cautery, syringoma, botox, glutathione infusion treatments, intensive hydration - rejuvenation - clarity and peeling plus a lot of other services that only Bench Skin Expert brings at a fraction of a cost.

For more information about Bench Skin Expert services, please visit their website at http://www.benchskinexpert.com or come over to their new branch at the 2nd Floor of Glorietta 4, Ayala Centre, Makati City, Philippines. Inquire and set appointments by calling (632) 6250013 or (632) 6250012. Which reminds me, I need a facial! See you there!

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ZaiZai said...

Bea is so pretty! Hopefully you didn't show Enchong my trying hard gaya gaya pics, he might feel sick if he sees those :)

el toro bumingo said...

Gwapo talaga ni Enchong Dee :)