Watch Rocco Nacino Tear Down Political Dynasties in New Drama Series "Bayan Ko"

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's so easy to elect someone but to change how people act in public service office must be too hard to handle. Honestly, I've seen worse in real life; if you go to far flung areas and provinces not usually reached by the national government, you'll feel like this is even normal to them. It's like they have their own lifestyle and they don't care that much about proper decorum. I cringe at the sight of these, just watch the video below.

On March 10, 2013 GMA will be showing a six part mini series entitled "Bayan Ko" and let us take a lesson on local politics and the ugly truth. Starring the channel's "IT" boy Rocco Nacino who also just finished one of the best top rated afternoon drama series in the network (Yesterday's Bride) he plays the role of Mayor Joseph Santiago (a very optimistic neophyte in local politics). Watch as he battles out a huge political dynasty in their town, headed and played by renowned actor Pen Medina as the governor and Ping Medina as his congressman son.

It's one of the child projects of GMA News TV Channel created by Ms. Nessa Valdelleon. It's a timely topic now that it's election season; and I've seen how hard Rocco researched about this particular character. He went to real deal municipalities/cities to check out how much hard work public service entails and see how good or bad this part of the society is.

Rocco Nacino

I can't wait to see this series. I'm sure you guys would love to see this after his phenomenal performance in "Yesterday's Bride".

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