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Friday, February 22, 2013

Samsung among all things have been leading in the technology department; and just like any good manufacturer they are bringing this all into your homes via their appliances. It was my first time seeing all of these and it turned out to be an awesome day. Why? I'll tell you in a bit. For starters, let's see what the event is all about. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Samsung Digital Home Appliances. Shall we start? =)

One of our hosts that quaint afternoon at Chef Jessie's restaurant in Rockwell was Yaya Ian Galliguez; I've never seen her before. Aside from playing this role complete with a British accent, she pretty much knows her way around the kitchen. She was showing us a couple of refrigerator models in front that's made me a lot interested because they were not ordinary. Since it's made from Samsung, these are all No-Frost Inverter Refrigerators. Imagine the technology that was initially only available on air conditioning is now being applied to other pieces of appliances and cooling systems; something only this company is actually capable of. Now that they are bringing it much closer to your home and they are bringing it even with style. Practical, less consumption of energy and environmentally friendly, these models are way advanced and give you savings which is more than what you can ask for in a fridge.

Models RT22FARBDSA which sells for P19,995, RT29FAJBDSP which sells for P24,995, RT32FAJCDSP which sells P28,995 and RT35FDACDSP which retails for P31,995 is evidently cheaper than some international and local brands. But really, the smart technology is priceless. Imagine how the compressors and engines work and think much like a human. It knows when you open and close the door, it gives ample amount of cold to the things inside your fridge and adjusts accordingly. It's nothing like the old ones that's just constantly making yours cold. Plus it's not energy efficient at all. I know you agree.

Social butterfly and family woman Ms Tessa Prieto Valdez showed us a thing or two about this fabulous refrigerators. She showed 4 of its features but she mostly wants the part where she bids goodbye to melted ice cream even if there is power interruption, thanks to the refrigerator’s Coolpack (a blue pad inserted as a shelf and in other models it's just on the freezer base) which keeps the freezer cool for a strong eight hours in case of power outage. Innovation at its finest.

Then there was Ms. Daphne Osena- Paez. I've been a fan of her shows for the longest time. The time she opened up her Livejournal account and put up her own site, I was there. I've been virtually friends with her for the longest time and wanted to meet her so bad. Been in a few events but missed out on each other for various reasons. I didn't even know that today, I'd be able to meet her in person. So it happened.

For those who don't know, Ms. Daphne's got three adorable daughters named Sophia, Lily & Stella. Her fourth one is Mr Paez hehe. I've seen how she was been able to juggle her career between a TV host, producer, businesswoman and a home maker. She takes time answering to a multitude of people but best of all she makes time for her kids. She knows her priorities and I adore her for that.

She's very hands on and personal when it comes to her family. She's finished building her kitchen now and I've seen parts of it. Very shabby chic. But she doesn't settle for a rethro fridge since she knows how much impact it makes on the environment. She's got one of these gorgeous refrigerators from Samsung and it is for obvious reasons. She wants everything organic, she wants everything fresh. So from produce to any food products, she's got to have proper storage for it. Samsung Digital Home Appliances has performed quite the best in her home. The strong glass shelving, the no frost and auto defrost freezer, the compartments which you can use for things other than food. It's the best!

Other moms have their cosmetics on the fridge's door. They say it needs to stay fresh longer. Men have their snacks there, but maybe it'll do good on some of my Men's products too and it's good that I can try it out since I have a Samsung refrigerator at home too. Those compartments surely have better use. The extra storage speaks a lot for Samsung to think of other things that would be inside this technological wonder. I envy them because they have this new model, hope I'd have one in the near future.

She was someone I could relate to and someone that I've been able to follow on a personal level. I introduced myself quite quickly (because I'd probably regret it if I didn't) and felt a connection. Her family is just special, but it could be just like the one that you have at home too. If you feel you need to have the only best in your kitchen, make sure your choice involves a Samsung Digital Home Appliance. Some of the best women I've met (like on this event) already did. Why should you expect anything less for the ones you love?

I rest my case.

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christian edward paul dee said...

I love that fridge and I think the prIce is reasonable. I love anything Daphne wants...

el toro bumingo said...

May Wi-Fi capability ba yang fridge na yan? :)

Jenefer Lapinig said...

Fridge- Best ever Samsung product that I want.

KUMAGCOW said...

True.. :)

KUMAGCOW said...

wala ahahaha

KUMAGCOW said...

My pleasure Ms Daphne ^_^

levia jack said...

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Ted said...

May wifi n yan built in sya!! may optional 3G port sya kya pwede kayong magfacebook sa loob ng ref!

KUMAGCOW said...

Hindi po instagram lang haha