An Afternoon with Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera: My Lady Boss

Monday, February 11, 2013

Have you ever experienced that time when you just get pissed at someone because they meddle too much at work or at school? Don't you just want to quit but you can't because you kinda need it too? Did you ever had that time where you wanted to just do a task but you had to work with someone you really really don't like? You have gambled too much in businesses but failed and needed to work, but the person you needed to work with is someone you also wanted to hate; then end up really liking her because she's so beautiful? Oh... is that what it's all about?! =)

A good looking Richard Gutierrez sat down with us a week ago and started to tell us about his character in this upcoming film My Lady Boss. He says it has been eagerly awaited by fans and he knows it should have been done years ago but it has been put aside because of other pressing shows that he had to do. He also told the press that this should have been his directorial project because he also wanted to work behind the camera. He was so happy to have been able to work with the one and only Marian Rivera on this project. Their previous one did really well in the box office and he didn't know why it took this long for them to team up again. In this film he plays the role of Zack, a rich guy who hails from a good family of businessmen. He wanted to be a very independent so he sought to always put up businesses but unfortunately he always fails. Then he gets to start off on a clean slate one last time by working with Marian Rivera's character Evelyn in the movie. He wanted this to be his legacy but it has proven to be very difficult because Evelyn won't go down to his standards..  

If she wants to, she can change personalities to fit the role she's playing. Talented and so beautiful in person, Marian Rivera was someone I never thought I would meet in this lifetime. She's not that tall but oozing with confidence. She was shouting at the press like she missed them for so long, she treated everyone like long lost friends. She even mentioned specific articles that they wrote because it looks like Marian reads it. It was definitely something that I would never expect from her; she was down to earth and even very playful at times.

She says she was so glad to have had the chance to work with Richard and had the same sentiments about them not having a project together since their last one. Marian says Richard was a gentleman, never took advantage of her nor was she given too hard of a task in getting comfortable with him. When I asked about their first impressions with each other Marian thought Richard was "Mayabang and matapobre" but it turned out quite the opposite of that because right from the first day she was spoiled by Richard. No, actually the whole cast and crew was spoiled with Richard as she was often asked what she wants to eat or how comfortable she is the whole time of the shoot.Richard she says is naturally sweet and this reunion of their team up after years of planning has been something they look forward to. Now that they have the schedule and time to work on this movie, they assure viewers that My Lady Boss would be one of the best romantic comedies ever seen in Philippine cinema.

When asked about who her inspiration was in playing the role of Evelyn, she immediately mentioned her Grandmother because she knew how exactly she would have dressed and all the mannerisms that came with it. She was quite familiar on how to execute this particular role because her family is quite similar on how strict, how conservative and how mataray she had to be in this movie. Marian was even suggesting headlines on the above photo that's why she was laughing profusely while being interviewed by the press.

When asked about their Valentines day plans, Marian bursted into laughter because she said "Amin lang yun, akin lang yung araw na yun.. wala namang plans kasi diba dapat lalaki nagpaplano nun? Sa amin lang yung February 14th" she insists. I'm sure Dingdong has lots of plans for her. =)

Richard on the other hand is always communicating with Sarah. They will continue to do so and see where their story goes. No details on their plans but I'm sure Richard has something up his sleeve.

The press was a little worried about seeing Marian getting rushed to the hospital (a few days ago before this interview) and her condition was not really a joke. The doctor had her on a neck brace but decided later on to remove it because Marian admittedly says she's too "Malikot and Kangkarot" so it was useless to have it on. She was also not allowed to work and instructed to have complete bed rest. She says she can't do that so the doctor agreed to have her work on a strict and limited time. They still have a lot of shooting days and a couple more for post processing. My Lady Boss has no play date yet but I've heard from the grapevine that it would probably fall after holy week. Marian Rivera thanked the staff and crew who was really worried for her and really takes care of her while working on the film She says she was so touched at how everyone showed concern over her condition but says she'll be alright. The doctor even says that in her condition, Marian is so strong. She doesn't complain that much and always follows his orders. If it were other patients she could have given up easily because the pain is actually excruciating. She's a very strong gal. She's bubbly and really so charming to meet in person. She looks at you directly when asked a question. I like her. I'm sure you would too so please do watch My Lady Boss as soon as it comes out of theaters. This is produced by GMA Films and Regal Films. 

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