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Friday, February 22, 2013

I've been in this place a couple of times and even if it's a little far from where I work and where I live I still end up shopping in SM Megamall. Now there's an even better reason to come back because for people like me who crave something from another country, particularly Singapore... I need my fix of what I've been eating in that part of the world at an affordable price. I love their hawker food and the ambiance of eating with the locals. But it would be a pain to go to Singapore every week, not to mention quite expensive. Good thing there's an easy alternative, might be even better than what we got in Singapore. Care to taste something from "My Singapore Food Street?"

Pretty and proud part owner of this establishment is true blue Singaporean native Vivien Tan. She's partnered with mogul Jean Henri Lhullier putting up this establishment which aims to serve authentic Singaporean dishes right in the heart of Metro Manila. I used to only see her put up urban parties in Asian Food Network but this time she was introducing to us what hawker food was all about. I've eaten some of it for days when I was in Singapore so I think I can tell if it's authentic or not. We got first dibs on their dishes; I was impressed.

Char Kway Teow was nice. It's got noodles, seafood, bean sprouts and spring onions on top. It is best eaten hot so if you are going to eat this, better make sure you take time doing it right after they put it on your table. I've seen them cook this with flames, showing off but it is quite good. Makes you warm and fuzzy.. comfort food. :)

Crispy, sweet, savory and salty. This is their 5 spice tofu. I have yet to compare this to the real one but in general, you need some crunch when you are dining in on this restaurant. This is one of them and I'm sure there's more on their menu.

Crispy on the outside, soft and a little chewy on the inside. I love the croquettes since it contains leafy things inside. The spring rolls also are all meat unlike ours (lumpiang shanghai) which have veggies. Theirs is kinda straight forward.

This is my Sister's favorite, Laksa. It's like spaghetti that's got warm soupy coconut milk base and tons of seafood. It's got that spicy kick for those who love something hot. Best for those sick times, or maybe a hangover LOL. Made me drink a couple more glasses of water but that's how I want it. You should order this if you want something authentic.

Nasi Goreng literally means fried rice in Indonesian. Since Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, this has been a staple of everyone who love something more than ordinary rice on their bowls. It has a hint of shrimp paste of that region but unlike the one in the Philippines it's not that salty. The deep flavor makes it a better, filling alternative to ordinary rice that you still have to pair with some other viand. It's a meal on its own, like a one dish meal.

My favorite and undoubtedly the most famous Singaporean dish there is, Chicken Rice. With it's ginger base and combination of the meat with sweet soy, grounded ginger and chili sauce, it's being regarded as the perfect bite. I've had this everyday when I stayed in Singapore. I still go out the hotel and get this from a hawker store even if we were already eating something inside. I even took home instant mixes even after my trip plus the drinks were amazing! Speaking of...

Iced Milo Dinosaur. It's got that intense chocolatey flavor you absolutely love from this drink. Other people from my table said it could be a meal on its own because it seemed so packed! I'd rather have it with Chicken rice though. Pretty special.

Just like the artists in artisanal coffee shops in Singapore, they made this Kopi or Teh Tarik and flipped them all over. It's a natural way to get your coffee to get some foam. You don't need to froth something on a machine. If you want something pretty good and new for your coffee break, try this out. You'll love the little show too. =)

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