Daily Moo's 09162010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think I have to order Jollibee again. It's like staple here so we can't order in the wee hours of the morning for other restaurants because that is the only one open. Choices? It's either that or Rufo's which only get's us to choose on fried saturated induced food stuff. Healthy choice?! We have no choice!

I'm going to Plaza Mexico for a photowalk with my buddies over at D60KREW. I had a blast the last time we went to Binan, Laguna. This one in particular is a journey in Pasig River. The ferry ride starts at that place but I haven't been there before. I'm preparing as early as now so I won't get lost. Then again I wouldn't know til then.

I'm planning to buy a couple of light stands, a softbox and 2 flashes plus triggers and receivers. It's going to cost me a lot but I think I need it more than ever to move forward with my career in photography hehe. Otherwise, I'll just quit! haha!

It's my first time to wear my new contact lenses. It's kinda on the Hazel - light brown shade. I hope it does look good on my eyes. I'm gunning for the GOODLOOKING Spaniard look and I hope this completes it. Don't make kontra! I'm gonna hit you! (Bangasin ko mukha mo!) Hehehe...

Someone revived the Anti Littering Law again in Congress. Don't they have too many laws to think about other than this?! It has been done so many times already and did we really get cleaned up? Were these laws really implemented? Were there people jailed because of it?! I don't think so! But this morning there were a couple of agents who caught 190 pedestrians loitering around town. It includes drivers who didn't have trash bins inside their jeepneys. They are all going to get fined today and forgotten tomorrow. Welcome to the Philippines where we always practice Ningas Cogon!

See you later! Tataaaa!



Gina lee said...

very interesting..oh btw, there's this filipina here, she likes to say tataaa, it means goodbye right? pasensya na po, bisaya kasi :-). It just that I don't hear it commonly used kasi.

John Bueno said...

tama po ms gina =)