Oh Canada!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I miss my friends in Canada. I seldom talk about it because it gives me that feeling of regret not visiting it that much in the past few years. I barely took a break from work and to tell you honestly I really want to go. They often invite me over to stay at their houses and roam around the rest of the provinces and get a little acquainted with the place. This was supposed to be my second home but I never made time for it in the past. Now, I'm planning to take a few days off and get with their program. I want to see the sights and great things this country up north has. Trent Jordan Vancouver convinced me to do it. I have to call them now (friends and family) and see if I can get them to come with me and travel. I hope they file their vacation leave this early. They will probably oblige since I am the persuasive one. I have to study a little more French too so I won't alienate myself on other parts of the country. For that, we'll try to accommodate it with my busy schedules!

I know how picturesque the place is because I still got some of the photos my Aunt's and Uncle sent me when I was a kid. One word that I can use to describe it is nostalgia! I still get excited seeing the vast parks and city scenes along the bay. I'm not much of a landmark photographer but I'll surely try to whip out something good with my kit lens and see if I can stitch together 3 photos for a local magazine I wish to show my work on. I'm sure they'll like it just like my fashion shots from a few months back. Loving the place wouldn't be hard; I might even consider living there soon! Oh Canada!


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