Daily Moo's 09122010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I hate milk. It makes my stomach ache. Good thing someone invented strawberry flavored ones and it looks like I'm good. I can drink them now. Chocolate drinks are not my favorite but it can be something I'd try instead of plain milk. So what the hells with milk?!

USA won against Lithuania today. How can you not win when there's thoroughbreds in your lineup. If there was something to notice about them, none of them are white... almost all of them are African American. White Men can't jump?!

It's Sunday today and I don't even go to church anymore. It looks like I only go there when I need something big. I should change my ways. Well maybe if I can get some sleep without waking up with a headache I'll do that. Somethings wrong with me. Going to hell?!

I'm watching Austin Powers. My favorite Canadian born British comedian is there aka Mike Myers. I love his assistant... the one who always shouts. Hilarious! I love it a lot no matter how gross it is! Ha-ha!

Today is also the much awaited Cheerdance Competition in UAAP. Everyone's going to have a chance but I hope it turns out great for the UE Pep Squad. I know they didn't actually place in the top 3 these past few years. Things can change. I hope. But I know UP and UST are gunning for it again. Hope they win! Now if all of them were winners I wonder who is gonna lose.... I smell chicken. Haha! Yeah I hate some teams... who cares!

I want a new thing to play. Now where's that money I left to buy myself a gadget.... oh yeah I remember... they are all out on loans for friends, now I don't have money. Funny?! NOT!

I think I was too kind. I hate them. =/


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