Daily Moo's 09202010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Arrived from the office and have a horrible stomach ache. It must be the Mogu Mogu or Orange Juice that's makin me acidic. It's a terrible way to start the day.

I had a blast this weekend. I went out with the D60Krew and rode the Pasig River Ferry. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was nice and measuring from the 200 shots I got from it spelled a lot of subjects. It's a breather from those long walks we had but I'm currently burnt right now. Or shall I say Crispy?! LOL

I went out with friends to Malate. Its been a long time since I went there. The place has indeed changed. Lots of other establishments popping up offering the same old service. I miss the old days... but that doesn't mean I'm old okay?! Clear?!

I got my Eheads collectible now. Paid a hefty sum for it but its darn well worth it! I am the envy of my friends now hahaha!

I see some Christmas decors being put up as early as now. Weird but this is the Philippines after all. If there was somewhere that earlier celebrated Christmas it would probably be Bethlehem hahaha.

There are several dead in a bus again in India. They were shot point blank. Now where are those commentators who thought it was just an isolated incident, aren't they going to see this as an international situation?! See what I mean?!

Today, I'm happy but a little bit wee sad. I don't know why but I think it is related to my past rants. I bet it'll be over once I get some sleep. No headache yet and I think I'm good.

I didn't go to gym today, I need lots of sleep and probably go there tomorrow. I'm trying to run at constant pace for at least 5 kilometers because I plan to run a marathon haha! I know I'm laughing with you. =P



goyo said...

WOw eheads! \m/

ikaw na ata ang pinaka-active mag-update ng blog sa lahat ng pina-follow ko. hehehehe.

Chyng said...

is it true Eheads wont be performing in the next 5 or 10years as a group after their reunion concert?

btw, thanks for adding me in your list. inggit nga ko sayo ang ganda ng gears mo.. sarap mong kindapin! hehe (as if kaya ko eh ang laki mong tao)

EngrMoks said...

Meron ka nyan? Limited edition lang yan from greenwich di ba? Eheads fanatic here... Buti ka pa meron na nyan.

John Bueno said...

@GOYO hehe I try nga to update everyday eh, pagtinamad naman ako lagi talagang tamad hehe

@CHYNG Yes it is stipulated in their contract na hindi sila magpeperform in 20 years, so count it from their concert, matagal pa sila uulet... nakakainis kasi bat dipa sila magsama ulet ng permanente hehe

@MOKONG yeap kakabili ko lang po (^_^) para nga akong kid in a candy store eh hehe