Converse Sale

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My friends and I will be going to the Marikina factory of Converse today because we heard it will be sale upto 70 percent off on all their shoes. I am gunning for a couple of pairs and am going to try and find those which would never be normally worn by anyone there. I'm thinking more of those plastic looking ones than the ordinary chucks. I will still buy some but probably one white and one designed one. My feet is obviously huge and I need to get one that properly fits. I want a new one since my old one got torn on the sides. I don't even know if I should get that fixed also. I think I just buried it with another pile of shoes at home.

I'm planning to give away some of them because they don't fit anymore. I hope it fits the feet of those whom I'm giving it to. Converse also has some of those rubber shoes looking ones that I don't actually like because they are mostly hiphop-dancer lines which I'm NOT! Obviously this particular basketball shoes in the 70's are turning out to be fashion items now. Some say it is not for fashion but hey if it looks cool and feels good on the feet I'm all for it!

Are you going to buy a pair too?! (^_^)?!
This will be a very good day for deals like these!



chingoy, the great chef wannabe said...

san banda sa marikina ito? hanggang kelan?

John Bueno said...

Sa Parang, til 19

Anonymous said...

You saw a chuck taylor hi-cut orange there?

Thanks po.

John Bueno said...

yeah meron po, ponkan na ponkan heheh

John Bueno said...

Tapos na po ang sale ng converse... sa december na po ulet =)

Anonymous said...

san po exact location sa parang? Kelan po sa dec yung sale ulit? gusto ko po sana pumunta. Mga magkano po yung price? thank you