Clean Up and Save the Earth!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I still have my old CRT Monitor, old CPU and broken UPS under my table. Apparently no one is disposing it. I don't know if this should be sold by the company or just stay here since my boss paid for it already. It is really hard to get rid of junk from the office. Imagine all the stuff that gets phased out every year. Some of them end up in landfills together with the trash from the metro but there should be a proper way of disposing this. There are corporations which makes recycling electronic devices their bread and butter. I think that is the best alternative that we could do to prevent the chance of improper disposal. How can we help save the Earth when incineration on open air would be the answer of the local government? The huge amount of toxic chemicals would surely be hazardous for you, me and the people you love!

I have been campaigning about this in the past and I think it would be nice for me to rekindle my passion for environmental matters again. Maybe I could start by recommending institutions that can properly dispose of these things and get something in return for corporate spending. That will be a good thing to suggest. I remember a friend once said that you can't help save the Earth without starting in your own backyard. It's simple but if you think about it; it does make sense!

Would you like to be the next hero?! I know I would!


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Vitori Vita said...

I agree with you... We should all start at home or start the fight for proper waste disposal at our backyard... =) I support you all the way... I will try to do my own thing too... And I still envy you for having your own domain name for your blog... =)