Sorry I Said That, Smile!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I admit I made fun of some of my classmates when I was in high school because they wore full metal braces. Back then I did not realize that it was actually a good thing that they were doing it. Years after that, I saw their photos and the treatments obviously made their smiles improve. I felt sorry for doing that but it was actually the thing everyone was doing back then. I know I apologized a lot when I offended people and that was not an exception. I'm glad I was forgiven and now even my nephews and nieces are doing the same thing. Good thing there are advancements in technology that would spare this thing I did to people in the past. I looked at Invisalign Braces Austin and saw a whole new way of aligning teeth. It's quite convenient and affordable plus I won't see them in the same predicament as this one doesn't have those metal parts anymore. I saw people wearing it and it's like they are not wearing anything at all. What a wonderful thing they have invented huh?!

I hope someday there wouldn't be any prejudice against people braces because of this technology. I'm sure you know someone who still wears those metal ones, so please go ahead and inform them about this. You'll spare them a period of humiliation from mean people like me. Again, I'm so sorry I did those things in the past! I'll spread the news and tell my friends about it now.


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