Save the Date!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My friends are getting married. April and Louie had been an integral part of my friends from the NOCTURNALS photography group. What amazes me is that I sort of got the chance to see how their relationship blossomed into what it is today. I always thought they were perfect for each other; and I know nothing but the nicest things about these two. I'm not surprised they ended up with each other to tell you the least. Louie the playful, cute guy that he is (I didn't get paid to say that!); geeky looking yet smart is very easy to talk and be with. April who never fails to smile and kid around with everyone (even at the lowest times) always lights up the room when she's around. These are traits that made them stick together and I'm sure it'll last. They have been doing a lot of photos lately in preparation for their save the date postcard and I know there will be lots of them available on the Internet. It would be easier to make once all the details are finalized. They however already have the dates set for next year. We're all excited for them!

Love is such a pretty sight to see. It makes me wish I had a story of my own to tell. I won't be blaming anyone for my own fate this time. I'm really glad to have got to know these two. They kind of give you hope and that nostalgia you experience when someone loves you. It makes you optimistic; to see life in a different way. I wish Louie and April the best that life can offer. After all, they deserve each other. I'm so happy for them... and so are my peers from photography. You'll be really good parents too I'm sure!

Wish you all the best! Nothing more!



Anonymous said...

which reminds... come 10/10/10... i was asked to emcee for a wedding recep at first time ko din mag attend ng wedding ever... naistress ko bigla for my sake... lolz

Drei said...

hmm..kelan naman kaya ipopost ang story mo?hehe

John Bueno said...

Hondafanboi mag practice ka na para di kabahan hehe

@drei that's the big question

glentot said...

Hmm who would have thought you can meet the love of your life sa mga photography gropus??? hehehe

John Bueno said...

Honga glentot eh... yung sayo ang aantayin ko kasi baka sa blogger group ka naman makakuha hehe

glentot said...

Hmm who would have thought you can meet the love of your life sa mga photography gropus??? hehehe