Blackberry Firmware Updates + Extra Rice XD

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I think it is time that I update my blackberry. According to the site the latest is the version v4.5.0.188; mine's currently at which is clearly outdated. I wonder if I just install the OS altogether from globe it would update this automatically. I also saw that I would need around 45 minutes dedicated to do this firmware upgrade. I am quite familiar with routers and stuff not not the blackberry. I hope it isn't that much of a difference. It apparently will free up a whole megabyte of internal memory on the phone which will get me to a better state than now. I'm having problems on running 3 applications at the same time. Yes of course I'm abusing it hahaha!

Crackberry is really getting better at this. They released this multilanguage format and had some simple instructions to get this installed. The xml file would need to be just deleted after extraction and voila! I have new firmware. I'll tell you guys if it turns out funny or otherwise. I hope I don't have any hitches. I wish there was someway we could get the OS 5 and 6 installed too. The features would be cooler and we would probably end up being like the bold but not without the handy features of the curve which everyone in the US so love!

I also read something funny. A person dropped his blackberry in the sink accidentally. Of course it got wet. He took out the battery and got a new one on it after a few days. It still turned on, but had problems on the keypad and clicker for the trackball. Well, the suggestion was not to actually turn it on and just place it on rice for a few days. Yeah! Dried Rice! Apparently it sucks the moisture out. But you are going to still have that starchy smell that rice has afterwards ha-ha!

But it is a good tip huh?! There was this guy in youtube who had his blackberry dipped in water for a good 10 minutes. Did the same thing and voila! It still works! =)

Good thing I have a blackberry... and have rice at home LOL =)


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