I'll be at DUTDUTAN X!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It looks like the 10th installment of DUTDUTAN will happen in the World Trade Center on the 24th and 25th of this month. Not to mention Franco is also performing in the event. I am contemplating on getting a tattoo for myself and I was thinking more of a phoenix since I love medieval things. I must have been a spell caster in my past life. It is something like this but if they can jazz it up and make it a little more complicated and tribal I'm all for it!

I actually already tested it out but it didn't really quite look like it. They had to manage and get it all over my biceps which was pretty big at that time. Well, actually I liked the one that they did better. It was all black and some shades of gray. It did cost a lot when it was inked but really to have this be done by professionals in DUTDUTAN and a certified Philtag member may actually make the difference. It probably would look better. My photography friends and I will probably be in the event and I'll try and get my blogger friends to come too. This will be a great subject to write about definitely and since some of them don't probably have a clue about the bikini competition that comes later in the day, I'm pretty sure they will enjoy that part hahah! Right Jepoy, Marvin and Glentot?! =)

I hope they come too. There will be some weirdos there I'm sure so I will pretty much belong to the event. I hope no one stinks though!



Jepoy said...

pakitagalog nga po ahahhaha

glentot said...

Hahaha puta ka Jepoy you so pathetic can't understand Englished!

Pero pakitagalog nga, yung pangalan ko lang ang naintindihan ko hahaha

SRSLY gusto ko magpunta unless mahal ang entrance fee aabangan ko na lang ang pics sa blog mo.

John Bueno said...

Hahhaah XD pwede naman tagalog jepoys and if all else fails may google translator sa baba hehe

Glentot baka free lang ata yung event =)

pusangkalye said...

waaahhh----pupunta ka? for sure----napost na rin yan sa thread ng yopho. too bad I will be out of town that time. talk about bad timing naman talaga o.

.......and what about the tattoo? meron parin ba yan til now? it's soo big but I didn't notice it last time.

pero yung event nakakainis talaga. bat sa Sept 24-25 pa!!!amp

John Bueno said...

punta ka sa event na lang hehehe