Daily Moo's 09072010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I was trying my best not to talk about the hostage crisis but the news this evening was full of them. Funny thing is, they emphasize on the things like inability of police to do their jobs, loss of guidelines, handbook and stuff like that. Heads will roll but there seems to be no major culprit; on who's head is gonna roll once the investigation ends. Can they fire Lim? the policemen? They also almost died you know. That and the tools they need were not there, how can they in the end blame themselves?!

Jojo just released a new album, you should get one too anyway its all for free! Just go to http://rap-up.bandcamp.com/ and click on the download links. Oh I am so inlove with her! She's going to end up on my playlist while working out in the gym. Add @jojoistheway on your twitter accounts too. Her interaction with KC Montero and Cassandra Bongga is one way to spend you day on twitter. I specifically like her second track Running on Empty. Feels good someone writes like that.

I hate Justin Bieber and I can't explain why. I feel like he's the second coming of April Boy Regino. Nuff said! People might get mad at me but hey its just me!

Just saw from a friend's status... the name Bob Ross. He was the inspirational painter I used to watch in Channel 9 when I was a kid. He was the host and main attraction in "The Joy of Painting". I know how geeky that sounds but hey, I learned how to do proper painting of a tree when he did it on TV in the late 80's. Right Zai?! Haha!

I don't like textmates, they kinda give me the creeps. Cringe! I find ladies in clubs and bars but never initiate text messages for romance. Should I learn to do that?! Heheh. Nah, I think its really not my cup of tea.

I think I love Mitch Dulce's blog. Makes me want to go to London. Spend the time with Reading Festivals and stuff like that. Very fashion forward too! I need to learn a thing or two about that since I am into Fashion photography. I'm thinkin about a collection too that I need to take shots of. Can I get into a runway show soon?! Puhleeease!!!!

I renamed Daily Rants into Daily Moo's! So I get to still keep the theme of my blog =) Cute huh?!

Oh wait.... I think I have a meeting now. See you guys later. Tataaaaaa! Out!


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