Lands and Families

Friday, September 03, 2010

It's a really sad event when someone passes away. I learned about that when I was a kid. Mom had around 13 siblings. Their parents passed away. The estate spanned hectares upon hectares of agricultural land and barrios; there are thousands of tenants on it too. To think about it; practically a whole city in the central VISAYAN region that is consequently still under their forefathers' name. Transferring titles and rights to ownership is going to be arduous and we are learning this the hard way. With the claimants and some who I branded (no pun intended) non significant ones, it was definitely hard to manage who gets what and why. I never knew leaving a will would have fixed this. It's so hard to have these problems in a third world country. I envy those who have Probate Attorneys Austin Texas because they probably have better luck than the rest of us here. Maybe if computerization and professionals who are experts in this field were to handle the situation, it would be so easy. I really am bothered that this will take years to fix. The future generations will make this complicated as the bloodline increases. I hope it won't take to long tracing what's ours and what's not. I have to be strong for my family and find what is rightfully ours.

This would really take a lot of work but if we keep working on it I'm sure pretty soon we'll all have better lives. Mom expects a lot I guess and my siblings would step up the plate soon; real soon! Please wish us luck on this endeavor, we need your prayers that everything would be alright and peaceful. No to problems about land and families please!


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