Business is Business

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I loaned my friend a couple hundred dollars so he could put in some money on his business again. He almost got bankrupt and needed financing for his ailing business. I suggested he make some changes and get a process started. This is to prevent him from being in the same predicament as before. I just got into trouble with a friend over this because of money matters. For me business is business. I trust people a lot but if it comes to getting what is supposed to be mine I don't hold back. In some instances I'd even get the toughest Business Litigation Austin Texas can ever get! I know when to get experts when it is needed. If this partnership fails he got me the computer shop as collateral and assured me if that isn't enough he'll gladly pay me back in cash. I did something in writing so I could at least hold him to his words. These days you can never be too sure!

I hope money would not destroy friendships in the process because the only thing I wanted in this occasion is to help. The earning part is just a byproduct if ever. He is thinking of putting up a small studio too so he could get local bands to practice there. It is a big ordeal but I'll support him with what I can. He is after all my friend. I wouldn't want that to ruin everything we have right now. He's a good guy and the last thing I want to see is for him to suffer another business mishap.

Would you do the same for your friends?!


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