The Urge to Shop

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have to admit I am a very compulsive buyer. The mall is but a culture in our side of the world which is not that much of good news when you are not a smart shopper. That is the current non working formula but I am going to think about how I can save more. If I go grocery shopping I can probably check out and get huge discounts. I can also try their specials if my favorite brands would release something new over the weekend. I see a lot of people saving a couple hundred dollars from them so why shouldn't I join the bandwagon?!

I actually have a lot on my list now. The usual ones... and those gadgets I saw over the Internet. Everything is changing by the minute. My console is looking obsolete since there are no new games being released for it. My laptop computer seemed slower when I take a look at the ones displayed in the shelves. It's so easy to get a new one but it's so hard to depart from something you are already used to. It's the same with the operating system. There are hundreds of things we could all share with each other to save a lot from purchasing products we regularly buy. People need to be frugal when times are hard so they can serve as an example for future generations. Christmas is around the corner and we'd want everyone to get a gift right?! I thought so!

How do you stop the urge to shop? Shop smarter!



EngrMoks said...

How to stop the urge? okay, think about Ondoy, lahat ng mga bagay na nabili ng mga biktima ng Ondoy, naglaho na lang na parang bula... Before ka bumili ng isang bagay, think twice... practical bang bilin mo to o gusto mo lang na meron ka.

glentot said...

I hate shopping, especially for clothes. I like shopping for gadgets but a chance doesn't come too often. I hate doing groceries. But I love malls.

John Bueno said...

@MOKONG you have a point there

@Glentot muntik na tayo magkasabay ng iniisip kaso gusto ko mag grocery lalo na kung di ako nagbabayad hehe