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Thursday, March 16, 2017

It looks like Filipino gym rats are about to take the supplement game now that EuphoriaMaxx is getting into the Philippine market with new products. I personally used to get my supplies from health stores which ended me paying a hefty price as they remain to be imported and some even not effective. Bargn Farmaceutici Phils Co. one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country just announced the availability of affordable but quality sports nutrition line called EuphoriaMaxx LArginine, EuphoriaMaxx Creatine Monohydrate, EuphoriaMaxx BCAA and EuphoriaMaxx Glutamine.

Now it is good to note that if you are planning to take any supplement, you MUST ALWAYS seek doctors approval because if you have heart problems, or if you are not in optimum health conditions, then it won't be safe for you to take. EuphoriaMaxx LArginine basically improves athletic performance and would be good for healing and recovery. EuphoriaMaxx Creatine Monohydrate is for muscle mass and strength gains. I used to have this if I wanted to work out for a longer time in the gym because I don't want pain to appear early on my muscles. EuphoriaMaxx BCAA can promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth. It can also be used to prevent fatigue if you are just starting to work out. EuphoriaMaxx Glutamine on the other hand improves recovery and fuels cells in the body. So if you are looking for supplements that you can take before and after gym, they already have thought of you. Just look at these guys during the launch, it looks like they've been taking it forever. 

Anthony Semerad who graced the occasion said he was so happy to have had this in his life because he felt tired and felt it was pretty hard to recover after a game and doing gym. He took EuphoriaMaxx and made it part of his regimen so now he could say he has improved physical strength, it was also easier for him to workout and gaining mass with the help of these sports supplements and discipline in what he intakes. He also specifically said that the abs actually is also formed in the kitchen so you really have to watch what you eat if you want a body like his.

All these EuphoriaMaxx products are exclusively sold in Watsons stores nationwide! You can't find it anywhere else! Go BEASTMODE today!


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