Robinsons Department Store Launches "Go Lokal!"

Saturday, March 25, 2017

We spent the afternoon at Robinsons Place Manila. It's the district's most busiest mall, frequented by the masses, expats, foreigners and just about anybody who loves shopping. The place is sprawling with restaurants, stores, specialty shops, kiosks and Robinsons Department Store, one of the best brands of retail in the country. The specific reason why we were there was for Go Lokal!, a new brand that the Robinsons Department Store is launching together with the help of DTI, the Robinsons group, suppliers and Micro - Small -  Medium Enterprises, they are launching this brand for small businesses that have products which they deem ready for the world stage, introducing them to one of the mall's biggest foot traffic areas so people could get to see the Filipino ingenuity, passion translated into their products which we've seen on the shelves of the new Go Lokal! store.  

Robina Gokongwei says "Welcome DTI execs, I would like to thank them for including Robinsons Department Store in go Lokal, we are proud to promote Filipino products especially the passionate SME's who are included in this program. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, our partners, suppliers who believe in this cause to put the Filipino products in the world stage. The micro SME products will now have a place to get discovered and have opportunities to grow their business, here in Robinsons Department Store."

Here's a couple of things sold in the store. I'm posting some of the nice things I've seen there.

Natural fibers made into bags, Mom would love this!

Portable mats, your Yoga sessions come in Banig designs.

Bamboo watches, perfect for men.

Need souvenirs? They have them too!

Gift for the ladies? That's an easy task because they've got dresses and bags like these!

Teens who love music? These EcoSpeakers would be good for their iPhones or smart phones.

Something for Tita? These bangles come in different designs.

Kumagcow wants this Kumagcarabao LOL!

For high fashion enthusiasts or Ate who doesn't want Barbie, this doll would trace her back to her roots.

She can also play and sing "Bahay Kubo" (Nipa Hut) and play with all the vegetables on her basket.

Toys for the little boys, this Philippine Jeepney would keep those kids busy!

Dad can lift and put this sculpture on his porch, to drive away wild animals LOL

Mom would love this classy container made of mother of pearl, shells and gold trimmings.

Dad's cocktails would be a notch higher with these lovely Mango Liqueur.

For the guy friends who just had a baby boy, these cigars from Ilocos would be a great way to celebrate right?
You've got a government agency, the various Micro SME's and the Gokongwei group working in unison to take the fate of these small businesses into greater heights. Make sure to visit them right outside the Ladies Shoes section of Robinsons Department Store and get involved in patronizing these products so they would grow. You won't be sorry as Robinsons made sure they passed their quality standards before putting them on the shelves.

If you have friends and family looking for authentic Filipino souvenirs and products to take home to their next destination, suggest Go Lokal! and get them in one place, the Robinsons Department Store!

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