10 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Pwera Usog"

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

I watched the movie "Pwera Usog" last night and I actually enjoyed it! The movie is definitely made for teens. You will get scared, but I don't want to spoil it for you. But I'll give you reasons why you should watch it.

1. You'll have over the board knowledge of how "USOG" works. Extra information on how it happens and how to cure it the albularyo way.

2. You will give above and beyond importance to SALIVA. Don't ask why.

3. You'll learn to be INDEPENDENT just because you are a star on Youtube. The crazier the stunt, the more viral, the better. Then you'll see how wrong that thought is.

4. Family first. Let your parents the real score, they can't help you if you're leaving them out in the dark.

5. Do not underestimate SALT. It does wonders!

6. Aiko Melendez is an action star. You do not mess with her! 

7. Albie Casino is a good swimmer and loverboy, you'll see him shed skin, but don't disturb him in the comfort room, you'll be sorry!

8. Joseph Marco does drama, suspense and horror, but there are slow and sure ways he could make you laugh. Try not to snort if you are doing it.

9. Sofia Andres is a FAST LEARNER. Don't wave your wand or do mumbo jumbo in front of her, she'll learn and do it in just a few minutes.

10. "Pwera Usog" is a pretty good, creepy, Filipinized AVENGERS movie. Again, don't ask me why!

If you want to know why I said these things, and find out yourself, go to cinemas on March 8 and treat your family (ages 13 and up) to a horror film made and designed for millenials. It is just different if you watch it on a movie theater. Thanks to Regal Films you still have horror films to watch in the Philippines that are quite good.

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