7-11 Opens 2000th Store in the Philippines

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Jose Paterno says "We have been doing this since 1984, I think our 1500th store is in Cagayan De Oro and some in Visays because we are expanding in the other islands and we want to concentrate back here and so we're coming back where we started. We're growing fastest in Mindanao, but the habits of the market evolved, and we have expanded our food servings like gourmet Filipino food and other things at CBD's and we have entered the digital age making Cliqq rewards exchanged points with products. In an emerging market we aim to be the physical gateway allowing banks to deputize in broadening financial aspects, quicker and more efficiently. There are ecommerce opportunities, expanding shelf space virtually. We are growing more this year. We now have 40 stores with that decor patterned with the ones in Taiwan. We are the ones who plead no contest to sari sari stores and we only want to sell those that are not sold on these stores to get people. We are expanding in the north as far as Ilocos, and down south in Naga (talking about Luzon) and we have to make sure to support them before we do open. It becomes viable now for testing grounds, for the market, so they put up plants here if it is viable."

Ena Williams SVP of Global Expansions Team 7-Eleven Inc. "We are the largest at 61,550 stores in 18 countries around the world. While our company is global, we remain to make our business adapt to the community. The level of the store growth is phenomenal. I would like to thank our franchisees and our employees for the things they do making this successful. What makes it so successful is that the Philippines was able to mark an unprecedented growth without compromising quality. It's a challenge but they have managed to do that at ease."

Congratulations 7-11! Can't wait to see you in my neighborhood soon!

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