Benjamin Alves Plays "Left Behind" with Fans

Thursday, March 16, 2017

All smiles, Ben.

I've met Ben a couple of years ago for a charity birthday event arranged by GMA Artist Center and a couple of folks from GMA Network. I was relatively new covering entertainment beats at that time and I was a little giddy trying to find a nice disposition seeing an artist for the first time. You know show business is crazy and not everyone is a good soul. We weren't nervous but you kinda get that feeling of anxiousness because you don't know how to approach actors and he's a good one at that. When he arrived and said hi to everyone, I was observing, trying to decipher how he is in person, but I saw a teary eyed man in the sidelines who was about to enjoy a game of ball with men from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (literal meaning: house with no stairs, as they are a foundation put up for everyone differently abled in wheelchairs).

He was also a joy to talk to, like a friend you just met but felt you have a lot of things in common. He also grew up in Guam and I was more inclined to talk to him in English because I am admittedly a little handicapped expressing things in Filipino. Proving he's smart, he eloquently answered questions we had for him that afternoon. Then hit show, after hit show, he matured even more and landed really good roles on the Kapuso Network. 

I also remember the time I also interviewed them for Dading, a show that got my whole family and countless others hooked since day 1 on GMA Afternoon Prime. He knew that show was special too and knew they will be definitely remembered for that.

Earlier, it was an opportune time to thank the fans that have supported him wholeheartedly these past few years, and also the new ones who adore their show Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa (English Title: Envy) opposite real life sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose. He told me, spending time with them was utterly important and he wanted them to enjoy a couple of hours with him, having fun, ultimately to at least solve the rooms he was also frightened to go to. 

New Kapuso artist Carl Cervantes hosted the event

We interviewed him a couple of minutes before the celebration. Enjoy!

Happy happy birthday Ben! I wish you more success this year and beyond. Thank you to the nice people from GMA Artist Center who organized the event, Goldilocks for the cake and snacks, Chippy Twisters (which was so good btw!), Wiggles (my favorite chocolate covered marshmallow twists!) and Spin. You deserve no less than the best Ben, as I said earlier, you remained humble all throughout the years and you are blessed because of that. I am happy for you!


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