Klea Pineda's 18th Birthday

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I distinctly remember interviewing Klea Pineda a few weeks after she won as the Ultimate Female Survivor for Starstruck's 6th edition a couple of years ago. She was statuesque, had a very regal smile and was also poised much of a beauty queen. She had the presence of which people who probably judged her on the show must have seen. She worked hard doing the auditions, the daily and weekly tasks to win that show - of which tells how promising this new actress is. She landed a role in Encantadia playing "Muyak" who is a fairy/nymph which have her be noticed of millions of Filipino who watch the show. She was a little sad a couple of months ago because that role had her always in the green room and didn't get to interact with the other actors in the show. But the story, circumstances all changed and now she gets to be with them quite often. A welcome change in Encantadia's gorgeous gal.

We interviewed her a few days ago for #EighteenK, Klea Pineda's turn to be presented to the society. Her theme, was modern bohemian. She invited her family, friends, a couple artists from GMA Artist Center and other celebrities. Now I'm sure that party was going to be successful and fun, but when I asked about who else she wanted to be there, I felt sorry because she suddenly turned and bursted into tears. She wanted to see her grandfather whom she attributed all the hard work she's done over the years. She uttered it would have been better of these blessings were witnessed by him when he were still alive. Obviously, she misses her Grandpa so much. I apologized for making her cry that time, I didn't know things would turn out that way.

She's still wishing for more projects, more gigs and albums in the future. She also wants to make her dream to finally become a beauty queen to come true. I must say, she could already walk, she's smart, gorgeous and can already do this as she is in her prime. She's hungry to achieve this in a couple of years time, and didn't even matter what crown it would be as long as she gets to share her cause as she deeply cares for the elderly. 

She was stunning last night at NOBU Hotel where she celebrated #EighteenK. Photos from the GMA Artist Center were all dreamy, you could tell she was having fun while all her friends, family gathered in this momentous occasion. I was so happy for her; just like her fans would've felt. 

It was so much fun interviewing her at Palm Grill in Tomas Morato, a new restaurant serving great chicken, pizza, pasta. She also wanted to keep her celebration very private and have the most important people in her life be there. I think she got her wish and more. She's just starting people, so if you see Klea Pineda be in future shows and star in her own soap, you shouldn't be surprised at all. She's got it.

Photo Credits: Nice Print Photo, GMA Artist Center, all photos not mine.

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