Palo Alto Networks Introduces Enhancements to Next Generation SecurityPlatform

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We've all heard of horror stories of data breach, malware issues and identity theft. The whole network, software and cloud infrastructure are all prone to attacks and what a good IT Manager should do is not just fight back when the problems arise, but make sure to prevent it. The security demands are huge but as long as you're on top of things, you won't need any special work done because you've already prevented trouble by doing total SaaS visibility and control, securing applications and corporate property, prevent customer credit card data theft and control what data goes in and out. This is what should be done in cloud deployments whether private, public or hybrid types. Know when to how to be a hero in the corporate world by securing everything with Palo Alto Networks to start securing with Microsoft Azure,  Office 365, AWS and more. It's really not reliable to just stay with whatever comes with your cloud service. You need to also check if Aperture would be the best solution for Network Administrators in your office too!

The good news is Palo Alto Networks has integrated more than 70 new cloud and SaaS in the Palo Alto Networks platform operating system in the PAN-OS version 8.0, Aperture SaaS Security Service and the new VM-Series virtual firewall models which can protect you now inside your network and outside the cloud which establishes an effective and consistent security system.

Kelvin Chin, the Country Manager for Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines for Palo Alto Networks says "Trust is a huge concern online and Palo Alto Networks sees what's coming and makes sure we protect applications in the network, the SaaS and the Cloud."

Vincent Oh the Director of Systems Engieering for ASEAN for Palo Alto Networks says "What is the significance of today is that you now know that we have released the 70 new security features in the new PAN-PS 8.0. Palo Alto is here to protect our way of life in the digital age. We can't prevent 100% but it's pretty close. Our innovations address the key gaps in the security industry. We need to make sure we have complete visibility, reduce the attack surface, prevent known threats and the unknown ones. You want to block off apps that your company does not sanction like bittorent and really dangerous sites. We need to make sure to have less risk from things out there especially malware and privacy threats even if we discover new ones every minute. Prevent them from having a foothold on your precious data. Palo Alto Networks now concentrates on Cloud Security, Multi Method Threat Prevention, Management at Scale, Credential Theft Prevention and New Hardware for enterprise. Only Palo Alto Networks has the capability to protect networks around the world once AI automated static analysis has been done and discover new ones, not available elsewhere. Predictive protection, is always best!"

So for those employees who accidentaly email sensitive financial reports and data, or keep terabytes of pirated movies in the company drive, you will be seen! Now is the time to be pro active, prevent those attacks even before they happen in your network, and your cloud. Be that corporate champion by securing your data now! The Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 8.0 is now available globally for those who have support contracts. Visit for more information.

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