Next Level BRIA Homes: Launches xE Series

Monday, August 08, 2022

Things are looking bright for the real estate industry especially this year where prices are competitive. To become successful, you need to expand fast and innovate to spark growth here and in any other industry. BRIA Homes for example has made sure their projects are located in strategic sites, full of amenities that can be used by the community like good internet connection, utilization of electronic cash and people who care about managing the property.

Recently, they launched BRIA Homes Bettina Prime carrying the xE series which are mostly upgraded versions of BRIA’s Elena, Elyana and Bettina models. The differences lie in the fences, pavements and gates which was non existent in previous designs. Inside, it gets even better with bedroom partitions, well designed floor and wall tiles, water closets, hand showers and bidets (a must for Filipino homes these days). This would make any person looking for a home eager to own one or invest to lease off for families. There are also options to own two lots for more space like the Bettina xE with 72 square meters, there will be a lot more space for small gardens or play area.

Like in any other BRIA Homes property, lots of facilities like the multi purpose hall, covered basketball court, a playground can be used by home owners and enjoy with families, friends, the community and for special occasions.

Thinking of moving? Check out the property without having to go there physically via 360 degree tours on or you can check out their socials at where they post updates about their many projects. If you're seriously considering one, go reserve a home via because they can do that too online.

Now go make that choice a BRIA today!


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