Acer Launches Chromebook Vero 514 and Showcased Green Sustainable Production

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

It's the ACER Green Day celebrations this morning and starting off the festivities, they showed us all about ACER GREEN DAY.

Acer CEO Jason Chen says "We have been doing the Carbon Disclosure Program to our supply chain since 2008. This year we are doing it in three tiers, from starting to increase recycled content in our notebook packaging, to having our Acer wide eco-friendly initiatives and green philosophy through Project Humanity, bringing sustainability efforts to all our supply chain through Earthion last year, and launching the Acer Vero line in 2021 that sets the bar for Eco Friendly laptops, we now have expanded the Vero to include the TravelMate Laptops bringing us to numerous awards for our efforts, we are not working on smart solutions for a better tomorrow."

Innovative smart solutions for everyday lives is a tall order but they have been working with partner agencies and government institutions to make it happen. They want a connected and sustainable lifestyle for you and me. They are gearing to be 100 percent sustainable in 2035. The Vero product line also started the ball rolling for green innovations for Acer's 3 other product lines. They introduced the new Acer Chromebook Vero 514. It's got a 12th Gen Intel Core i7, accurate color display, it uses fully recycled plastic at 30% PCR for the chasis, OceanGlass touchpad amd eco friendly materials. It has also undergone rigorous strength of material tests (MIL STD 810H standard) you have military grade durability no matter where you go. They also have the Acer Chromebook Enterprise Vero 514 which is made for pros. This is the product of their extensive years of partnership with Google. Them trusting Acer made way to achieve faster production of environmentally sound products which sustainability, green energy and excellent design. You can see this on the Earthion documentary they also produced which you can watch online on their social channels.

On their Earthion documentary, they showed how they were able to do environmental solutions for their supply chain by working together with other companies and look for ways to do green products. It took a whole town, but they have made lots of progress now. From materials, packaging to logistics, everyone chipped in to make this happen.

From green laptops, products and even sustainable packaging, Acer is making headway with the new Vero product line. If you're an environmentally conscious consumer, or just a regular joe who needs a work companion that does the job, Acer presents this option for you to Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Re-Think.


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