Fuji Xerox Launches 21 New ApeosPort Series

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Today was an awesome day to launch new products from Fuji Xerox. The brand is synonymous with everything there is to do with copiers, but of course in the industry, they're one of the largest corporations to produce SOHO all in one devices such as copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, software and cloud services. This pandemic as also been so hard for them business wise, but what I heard earlier in their launch was excitement, optimism that even in these times, they can make your home office or businesses flourish with new top of the line models of their ApeosPort Series.

Hideaki Kato Xerox President says "The past year has been challenging even to our way of life, at 2021, we are moving forward with our new products. This is part of the new normal, we can help businesses with these even in the unprecedented situation. Thank you!"

Eliza Crizanto says "Today we are launching the new ApeosPort series. 21 new models for our Apeos Port series. Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise business, we have multi-function printers in different speeds and sizes. We still have copiers, printers and scanners that would support the new normal lifestyle, freedom from security threats and more. Work style is different, now we have mobile phones, wireless devices, now you can control copy and scan jobs by tapping and controlling it with your smartphones. The toners are made of EA Eco Toners, very eco-friendly, doesn't need much high electric consumption for output. If the components are not being used, it is simply turned off and very eco-compliant. It has smart energy management technology. If you are doing a scan job, the other features are not powered, therefore less electric consumption."

Oscar Dolendo Head of Marketing adds "Our new ApeosPort series have impenetrable data, prevents malware or virus, it also has hard drive encryption, has logged detailed information for tracking. It only allows authenticated users to use the device. It can make you worry free from cyber attacks, the new ApeosPort series has complied with very stringent Japanese/Global standards and technology, giving you freedom from security threats."

James Singson Product Manager for Fuji Xerox says "The security features are already placed in the machines, no need to install anything. If customer need customer support, it will be provided on contract, so no need to worry if the need arises."

ApeosPort series can simplify your work with paperless procedures, electronic signatures, and with it, you can unlock your full business potential. Their carefree management can minimize downtime, easy fleet management, so you can focus on your core business and not attend to any of Fuji Xerox equipment. This is done by electronic partnership-broadband (EP-BB), remote device health check and remote assistance. EP BB send machine information to Fuji Xerox for toner refills, alerts if the machine experience problems, usage, eco impact and service history. Their call centers get the alerts and they contact you directly. That's reassuring. 

Remote Device Health Checks are done with the machine sending data of its different components and device sensing points so they can take pro active efforts sometimes even before customer experiences it. Like wear and tear, service technicians will be deployed and fix it for you. They also take preventive maintenance measures so they can make the equipment healthy. RDHC also generates monthly health reports so they can see machines and its performance. For remote assistance, this is the last line of defense where customers are attended to the quickest possible time. You can connect via cloud by walking through the process, you can fix things and forget about the equipment and use your efforts for the business instead.  

Currently, they have the ApeosPort Series available in the market and you can contact Fuji Xerox Philippines or their channel partners nationwide if you want to avail of their devices and services.


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