UnionBank 9th E-Talktales: Helping MSME's with UB GlobalLinker Platform

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The damage brought about by the pandemic has been huge. The most affected sector has been SME's and a lot of them have been downsized or closed down. Unionbank can provide them the tools to make them whatever they want to be so they get the support they need and enable them to achieve more even in the face of the pandemic. They are committed to make businesses thrive.

Unionbank has been the best MSME's bank. Unionbank's Mass Market Chief Manuel Santiago Jr. says "This is our 9th edition and Unionbank is your partner. MSME's are the backbone of the Philippine economy but have very limited support, hit hard by the pandemic. Our digital expertise enable us to help a lot of people to do things beyond banking. Running a business can be hard, and businesses have little to no online presence and have no access to financing. Today, the applications usually are paper based and tedious. Unionbank offers a solution for MSME's with a platform Global Linker so they get everything they need in one app. This has everything you need to start and grow your business. Business owners need a place to build their online store and promote their products. They can get tips from entrepreneurs, start their banking relationships in this platform. You also need the tools for financial transactions and this can access and manage accounts for MSME's without going to the bank. You can pay BIR, SSS, Pagibig, do online check deposits, avail credit lines via the app. Expansion can be easy with easy access to loans. Applications are approved on the same day and is done by data driven credit rating. Access to credit is not only limited to a few big companies. We are digitizing the supply chain via blockchain technology. With this connection we can support the growth of industries through the supply chain ecosystem. As they grow, we can make accepting and tracking payments easy. The payment gateway can provide payment requests, collect payment, fund transfer, debit cards, credit cards and access it on the MSME Banking App."

You can have GlobalLinker and meet other like minded businessmen, learn from their successful businesses and apply best practices with your own. The payment gateway can also make things easier for you to make transactions online. People are hesitant to get loans for their businesses but I guess, this would make it easier. They looked at it as an opportunity to lend to smaller businesses and develop the infrastructure that automates things even during the pandemic. They have rolled up these products faster. Today they are now able to process loans during the same day. In the past, they would be required to pass financial statements before they look at a borrower's data. Now they have MSME's who benefit from it.

You can now download the Unionbank GlobalLinker App on Google Play and visit https://unionbank.globallinker.com for more information about this platform.


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